The F--- Yah Club by Kristen Kalp

The Fuck Yah Club

Society seems desperate to get each one of us to give up our ideals and reach for a box of wine — or at least SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP BECAUSE YOU’RE JUST ONE TINY HUMAN AND YOU CAN’T MAKE A DIFFERENCE, GODDAMMIT.

But I don’t believe that, and the peeps in the Fuck Yah Club don’t, either.

The Fuck Yah Club is here to help you remember that life gets exponentially better when you hold out for the people and projects that draw a “Fuck yah” from your lips without hesitation — instead of settling for the ‘eh’s or the ‘whatever’s or the ‘I guess this is as good as it get’s.

Instead of your everyday life being clogged with obligations and never-ending busy-with-a-capital-B tasks, you can stack your calendar with projects you enjoy, people you adore, and a schedule that gives you energy instead of sucking your soul.

The Fuck Yah Club believes in holding out for the best life has to offer and in bringing our most terrifying-yet-joyful work to fruition.  Every damn day.

We believe in embracing our quirks and weird, in laughing when life is funny, and in crying when life is tragic.  (Often, it’s both in the same breath.)

We believe ideals aren’t something you save for special occasions, but something you weave into daily life wherever possible.

In short, we choose love.

If you’d like to receive Fuck Yah magazine on a quarterly basis and download a digital copy of Go Your Own Way: free yourself from business as usual, I urge you to join.

Jen Dean
Jen Dean

Dear god I am gulping up the magazine. Amazing. Your words have helped me immensely.

It’s free — but please don’t join just because it’s free! I refuse to be the cause of your inbox constipation.

Join because you’re ready to whisper “Fuck yah” to the bigger, more alive you that’s waiting to greet you on the other side.

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This is EVERYTHING I needed to hear right now. I can’t thank you enough for this.

Gross. Truly? GROSS. Unsubscribing. .

This is my favorite email subject line ever.

OMFG! Needed to see that!

Thank you for being the voice of the power of quiet action.