10 lessons from Kenya and notes on changing the world. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

10 lessons from Kenya and notes on changing the world.

I’ve been home from orphan-hugging in Kenya for a few weeks now, and people are asking how it was. It was hard and soft, fast and fun, slow and lazy, eye-opening and difficult all at once. I spent weeks resisting the pace of Kenya — so very different from our frantic, go-as-fast-as-possible one here in the West — and the rest of the time sinking into it. I was deep in lesson, learning to be. To just be. To let that be enough. (It’s hard, but I’m making progress.)

In photos and words, then: Kenya’s lessons from this time around.

You can always love a little more.

Photographs are great, but the best moments aren’t caught anywhere at all.

Strength is just as much emotional and mental as it is physical, though an altitude of 8500 feet will make you forget about the emotional and mental bits.

Spider bites on your face can look like weird zits until you get home to good light and a facial and they unveil themselves for what they truly are. (THE HORROR!!!)

Humans don’t need more things that have batteries, more doodads, thingamabobs, or gadgets. We need to freaking chill out and make stuff.

All the doing in life has to be balanced with being. Sitting, relaxing, lying about, lounging, looking at flowers, standing in the river, watching sheep, spotting birds…these are absolutely fantastic ways to spend your time.

African animals are pretty much 3000% cooler than American animals.

Time. It will all work itself out in time.

There’s enormous value in finding your hard edges: what you simply cannot do.

There’s even more value in surprising yourself with what you can do.

There’s power in the striving — in reaching to be just a smidge better, or lovelier, or more informed, or more comfortable in your own skin and on this planet than you were the day before.