6 ways to keep going (and 1 way to quit) - Kristen Kalp

6 ways to keep going (and 1 way to quit)

In this week’s episode of That’s What She Said, I hit a reader question hard, and it’s a really freaking good one:

…when you do hit those business funks/blues/frustrations.. the SERIOUSLY am I shit? or am I good? and want to keep moving forward, what/where or how inspires you to keep moving forward without giving it all away? — Lorraine

I’m sharing six ways to keep going (and one way to quit) in this week’s episode of That’s What She Said.

To get all bullet-pointed on you, I’ll explain:

+ why asking the wrong questions could be sabotaging your every effort
+ when and how to make space for a pause in your business
+ why taking your business to Tokyo (metaphorically) is a really, really bad idea
+ simple changes to the scope of your projects that might make all the difference
+ two questions to ask when you feel overwhelmed by all your ideas
+ getting out of the ‘how do I move forward AGH’ mental quagmire
+ my favorite way to quit, as well as my top reminders to help you keep going

BOOM go listen.


P.S. It’s difficult because it matters.

photo // Jon Canlas

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