Aimee Derbes is here to heal. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Aimee Derbes is here to heal.

Aimee Derbes should be about 67 years old, based on her number of certifications and degrees: doctor of Chinese medicine, herbalist, reiki practitioner, breathwork practitioner, acupuncturist, and offerer of cupping and healing touch services as well.

She’s both my personal healer of choice and a tremendously gorgeous soul; a wise woman and a whipsmart human, too.  Listen in to this episode of That’s What She Said as we talk about healing modalities, Western medicine, Eastern medicine, and the places where all three overlap.

“Anything I’m telling people, I’ve experienced and used it on my self at some point.”— Aimee Derbes, Align New York

Currently, Aimee and I are working together to heal my thyroid (listen in for the details on the differences between my ‘primary care’ physician and an appointment with Aimee), and along the way she’s showing me how to show up fully for another person, how to be kind and gracious when I’d rather beat myself up for being broken (i.e. human), and how to layer in healthful foods and practices that don’t shut me down (i.e. if you tell a Kristen not to eat a cookie, she will eat two.  You said *a* cookie, didn’t you?).

Give it a listen if you’re looking for a gifted healer, if you’ve got a chronic health condition that just won’t budge, if you need some ideas for simple and effective wellness techniques you probably haven’t tried (earseeds!  They’re the subject of Aimee’s book-in-the-works!), or if you’re a sensitive human who struggles to draw and hold energetic boundaries.

You can should follow Aimee on Instagram right here, then book her for a healing session right here.  I’ve been doing an herbal consult and healing touch combo with her for the past three months, and as a result my energy has increased by 30%, my nutrition game is strong, and my sense of control over my own health has skyrocketed.

P.S. Wanna do some healing with me? Pick up the free Lighter breathwork class right here.