Ballsy - ⚡️Kristen Kalp


Ballsy helps female entrepreneurs sell more work with less frustration.

Of course, you can’t teach a class about being Ballsy in business without having been very *not* ballsy at some point — or many many points — in your life.


10 ways I pretty much sucked at sales learned to be ballsy in business.

⚡️ Fervently hoped Oprah and crew (or similar) would discover me and make me an overnight millionaire, complete with arena tour and appearances on the Today show (Actual. Fantasy. I practiced my interview with Matt Lauer so many times.)

⚡️ Devoted my best time and energy to other people’s projects as a ghostwriter and marketer while sidelining my own writing and marketing

⚡️ Undercharged for my best work by a long, long, loooooong shot (Read: it’s just my time! Ignore the English degree, the years spent teaching, the 10,000 hours of writing accrued before age 25! They’re worth nothing!)

⚡️ Helped other people earn 7 figures behind the scenes while struggling to make ends meet with my own work (…and I was NOT bitter about it AT ALL.)

⚡️ Gave away ALL THE FREE THINGS without asking people to buy my products or services (because being in business was shameful, somehow?)

⚡️ Waited for years before raising prices on my coaching because people were buying and what if they stopped?

⚡️ Started *really* marketing each new product about 60% of the way through the launch phase instead of from the get-go (because I would send one e-mail and it would sell out, clearly! When that didn’t happen, I had to regroup and make an actual plan. This cycle has repeated at least 7 times.)

⚡️ Asked other people to support my work and hoped they would get me (a very reasonable) 95-98% of total sales

⚡️ Let a handful of bad reviews send me spiraling into the terrible, dark, cold place where homelessness was three breaths away and I was going to live alone, loveless, for the rest of my life.

⚡️ Sent only mass e-mails and not individual ones to people I knew would be perfect for my programs, services, and products because I didn’t want to bother anyone.

I’m not a natural salesperson.

I’m good at getting people to do things, but usually those things are buying clothes they like and/or eating more brownies.

I had to learn every last ballsy tool in my sales arsenal, and I have to keep using them because Oprah seems to have lost my phone number.

If you have a business but still hesitate to sell things, check out Ballsy right now!

I’ve sold products behind the scenes as both a male and a female, and my co-teacher Nick used to be Nikki. We’ve got experience on both sides of the gender coin as salespeople, and there are things you can learn to help you sell more work without suddenly spouting ALERT ALERT BUY NOW OR YOUR LIFE WILL BE RUINED type aggressive bullshit.

Check out the Ballsy sales course right here.