The Totally Amazing Hold-Yourself-Accountable Kit

BEHOLD! The totally amazing Hold Yourself Accountable Kit!

We business owner peeps spend a lot of time beating ourselves up about everything we haven’t done yet. No matter how productive we are on any given day, we bemoan the fact that there are still items on our to-do list. We decide that we don’t measure up, we pretty much suck, and we should just give up anyway on a regular basis. (Or is that just me?)

It’s easier to break this cycle if you get out of your own head and share what you’re doing — as well as when you’re doing it — with another human.

Thus, today I’m sharing the Hold Yourself Accountable Kit for getting your work d-o-n-e.

First, get yourself an accountability partner.

This is a deceptively simple and entirely free little tip that can make all the difference between getting your shiz handled…or not.

Find a friend or colleague who will hold you accountable by checking in via phone, text, or e-mail. Text 3 things you’re going to accomplish for the day in the morning. Let ’em know when you’re done. Easy peasy.  (Want me to personally hold you accountable for doing your work?  You got it.)

Make and keep a regular work schedule.

Even if you’ve only got twenty minutes a day to focus, making sure it’s the same twenty minutes a day helps you accomplish more in that timeframe.

I recommend using Google calendar to schedule your tasks for maximum get-it-done-ness.

Treat your business like a “real” business.

How would you treat your business if it were making you $10,000 a week? I’ll bet you’d give it a dedicated space, either in your home or your neighborhood. I bet you’d make it a priority and refuse to shove it into the corner when other things come up. I bet you’d have an ongoing to-do list, a concise calendar to keep track of what’s happening when, and a few helper-people who know what they’re doing. (Bookkeeper, accountant, graphic designer, and web developer, at a minimum.)

If your business were making you $10,000 a week, I guarantee you’d treat it like a “real” business. Your challenge is to treat it real right now, in this moment. Whether you made a penny this week or not, treating your entrepreneurial creation as a legit entity MAKES it a legit entity.

Where do you need to hold yourself accountable for taking good care of your very “real” business?

Next, you’ve gotta build your focus muscle.

I write every article, every book chapter, and every ghostwritten text segment the same way: in twenty-minute increments. I set the timer, type away, and make a game of how quickly I can get words flowing onto the screen. Because I never really lose track of time, I’m doing the work instead of getting distracted by my phone or the interwebs.

Grab a timer, set it for twenty minutes, and kaboom! Plug away.

Finally — and most importantly — stop beating yourself up for all the ways you’re not perfect and all the ways in which you simply don’t have your shizzle together.

Because none of us have it all together. Not a single human on earth is free of problems, 100% organized, and perfectly perfect.

So let go of that. Let go of the terrible, horrible gremlins that say she’s got it going on, or he’s got it so easy, or her business is a cakewalk to run. Just give ’em up.

I’m not perfect, you’re not perfect. He’s not perfect, she’s not perfect. (It’s like Dr. freaking Seuss up in here!)

P.S.  Everything I know about time management, ever.