Calling to the Deep: Business as a Spiritual Practice by Kristen Kalp

Calling to the Deep: Business as a Spiritual Practice

Calling to the Deep: Business as a Spiritual Practice
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Year: 2016
If you feel more and more like being in business is WAY harder than mastering a few marketing tricks, making some products, and then raking in the dough...welcome. Business is a spiritual practice, and the art of bringing your gifts to the world is one that requires skill, risk, and vulnerability in seemingly endless supply. I'll help you walk through the difficult-yet-rewarding work of guiding your business in a meaningful yet profitable direction.
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About the Book

This book is lovingly peppered with questions and fill-in-the-blanks to keep you moving, keep you thinking, and keep you calling forth your best and brightest talents. It’s every trick and tip and bit of purpose-finding magic I know to help you find the courage to embrace and then rock the shit out of your biggest gifts. Fair warning: it’s subtitled ‘Business as a Spiritual Practice,’ because the act of making the stuff and then selling the stuff can be a brutal one. I don’t want to gloss over the process in any way. There’s hard work and deep work to be done as you bring the things you’re best at into the world, and many of them aren’t as simple as following a 7-step formula or making a 23-point plan. There are messy, tricky things to sort out, and this book helps you deal with ’em. Head on, directly, practically and with as much humor as possible.

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