Dammit, I cried: in conversation with Branden Harvey. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Dammit, I cried: in conversation with Branden Harvey.

Branden Harvey

When you find someone who’s holding up hope as more than a feel-good business model or a way to get press — and when you find someone who’s actually doing the hard work of building a better world by showing us all how much good is already happening — you naturally follow their work closely, support their projects, and wish them well in every way possible.

When you find out that person actually knows who you are and is willing to be interviewed on your podcast, you book ’em and then break down crying within 90 seconds of starting the interview. (At least, that’s what happened when I had Branden Harvey on That’s What She Said.)

At twenty-four, Branden has amassed a following of hundreds of thousands of people and traveled the world as a photographer, storyteller, and Snapchatter. He currently hosts the Sounds Good podcast, writes the GoodNewsletter, and recently launched the GoodNewspaper to bring an actual newspaper into the world that focuses exclusively on the forward movement and progress the world has to offer.

Listen in while Branden and I talk massive creativity, unplugging, social media, and the relentless pursuit of bringing your highest, deepest, and brightest work into the world on any given day.

In this interview, we talk about:

  • how Branden’s choosing to fight back against apathy in a big way
  • how becoming a Snapchat celebrity helped him embrace the ephemeral nature of creative work
  • the core questions that govern everything Branden creates
    the evolution of the GoodNewspaper and the challenges of making a real-life physical object for the masses
  • the sadness of gaining lots of followers and the weight of having an audience
  • how to respond to the “you’re such a baby” comments that beleaguer anyone under 30
  • the intangible benefits of making work and doing it well
  • the ways storytelling has shaped Branden for the better
  • finding the work only you can do — and then doing it
  • how clicking ‘follow’ that one time led to gaining a wife (obviously)
    and how to reach hope through…data? (Yup!)

You’ll want to head on over here and get a GoodNewspaper subscription right now.


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