Come out of hiding, please. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Come out of hiding, please.

I work with insanely talented, passionate entrepreneurs who are making and doing incredible things, only they’re facing down a common enemy: hiding.  Not wandering off into the woods and going off the grid.  Not playing hide and seek.  Hiding, like self sabotaging to make sure no one takes notice of their work.  

Sound familiar?

You keep doing the work and making insanely awesome stuff happen in your business, and then…

making absolutely sure no one sees it in wildly creative ways.

Failing to mention your work anywhere — on the internet or off.
Not mentioning it when clients ask.
Offering to do it for free instead of getting paid.
Staying so afraid someone will “copy” it that you never show it to anyone.
Refusing to get on stage even though that’s where you’re happiest.
Not telling anyone about that new thing you made up.

It’s common to hide when we’re talking about your life’s work.

This isn’t some whim or flight of fancy; this matters. Deeply.

Worse, you’re facing down a directly proportional amount of fear based on HOW MUCH this matters.

If you’ve got three novels in you, you get three novels’ worth of fear and resistance to battle.

If you’re deeply and inherently talented, you’ll have to fight the fear that says you are deeply and inherently flawed. (The more talent, the bigger the insecurities.)

Today, I invite you to come out of hiding.

Tell the world about what you’re doing.

Show us what you’re working on.
Ask one person to buy what you’re selling.
Let one person love your work instead of pulling it aside to judge it as useless, worthless, or incomplete.


Maybe that means getting serious about taking the next steps in your business, like actually getting paid for the work you do.

Maybe that means telling everyone you know about Product X or Service Z or that you have a business in the first place.

Maybe that means you learn from my encyclopedia of 29 ways I’ve hidden and pick one way to step out of your comfortable routine.

Whatever it means for you, I can assure you that on the other side of hiding, you’ll be met with more understanding and joy than you thought possible.

P.S. It’s difficult because it matters.