For those dreams that will not die. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

For those dreams that will not die.

Give me mess, and questions with no answers,
and long days spent doing absolutely nothing but cuddling
under a blanket with the perfect roast of coffee to drink.
Fuck perfection. Fuck professionalism.
Fuck the thin veneer meant to mask worlds of hurt and derision.
Give me the truth. Give me your pain and your vulnerable bits.
Give me those pieces to hold together and love as you fall swiftly apart.
Fuck lying of all kinds, both to yourself and to those around you.
Fuck holding it together and keeping calm.
Give me the tears, the unborn bits, the dreams that will not die
no matter how many times you have tied them in a bag
full of rocks and thrown them into the lake to drown.
Let’s start there, love.
Let’s start with what’s keeping you alive —
or at least what refuses to die —
and bring it into clear focus.

It’s time to let your deepest wants, needs and desires come to light.
It’s time to let them feed you.

That’s What She Said episode 25: For those dreams that will not die is live now. I fucking LOVE this episode, so please give it a listen.

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