The Key to Getting More Comments, Fans, and $ Through Your Blog

The key to getting more fans, comments, and income from your blog.

A call to action is a sweet-as-pie request asking the reader to do just one thing. It’s the next step you want your reader to take after reading a blog post, and it’s the key to getting more comments, more fans, and more business through your blog.

A call to action tells the reader to do just one thing at the end of your blog post.

‘Find out more about my baby plan’ is a call to action. ‘Find out more about my baby plan, follow me on Twitter, and like me on Facebook’ is NOT a call to action—it’s a clusterfuck.

It leaves readers confused about which action is most important, so they don’t take any action at all.

It’s simple! One blog post, one call to action.

If the logical conclusion to your newborn baby blog post is to find out more about your baby plan, direct your readers to do so with a link at the end of the post. If it makes sense to show off a gallery with Senior images in it because you’re holding a Senior session promo, link away!

Your call to action should leave the reader with a clear sense of what to do next. Your readers should never read your blog post and feel as if their job is done.

Let’s explore three examples to get your brain firing on all engines for call to action-y goodness!

“Learn more about _______” is a great call to action for most any product on earth.

If the Hobblesmith family booked the Sweet & Sassy Portrait Session, link to the info page that tells people what’s included in the session and invite readers to learn more about the Sweet & Sassy Portrait Session. It’ll get more clicks than showing a few sweet pictures of the Houston family and saying nothing at all, right?

“Explore more ______ options” is also a great works-with-most-anything call to action.

The Putrekas just purchased holiday cards. Show off their holiday card and invite people to explore your holiday card options by including a link to all the patterns you’re offering this season. (Of course, there’s a ‘Book Now’ link at the bottom of your pattern page, right?)

“Comment below and tell me __________” is the go-to call to action when you don’t have a specific business-generating action you’d like readers to take next.

Simply ask readers to respond via comments to a question you’ve asked in the blog post. Maybe you’d like to know which mini-session location would work best for your audience, or when the next set of beach sessions should take place. Ask away!

So long as you’re clear about the next step you’d like the reader to take as a result of reading your blog post, you’re hitting this whole call to action thing out of the park.

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