Is there a limit to how good life can be? - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Is there a limit to how good life can be?

I was working with a business coach and we were on our monthly call. I had a proper freakout about how GOOD life was — how my relationship was improving, I was losing weight, my business was going well, my friends were fantastic, and I was genuinely happy.

This, of course, led to panic. When does the shit hit the fan? What am I being prepared for? What am I going to lose? I don’t want my man/Hermione D. Granger/my mom to die/get sick/have troubles/be in a car accident!

I remember asking, “Is there a limit to how good life can be?”

The answer…

“There is no limit on happiness in this universe. It’s on infinite supply.”

I stopped freaking. Something about that statement rang true deep in my bones, my soul, my toes, my…what’s lower than your toes? It rang in THAT place.

When those same fears of how good life can be pop up, we often hold ourselves back from trying something new. Everything is so good, or “fine,” and we don’t want to rock the boat or meet that invisible glass ceiling that controls how much happiness we’re allowed.

But there IS no glass ceiling.

When we refuse to believe we deserve to be happy or that our world can change, we’re dealing with an issue of feeling worthy. “Who am I to have _______, ______, AND _____?” “I’m too small/tiny/insignificant to change the world.” “Maybe this is as good as life can get.” “Life is good right now, so I don’t want to tempt fate.”

We’re shattering our mind’s glass ceiling and taking on an exercise in feeling worthy this week.

To feel worthy, to be reminded of all that you have, and to reconnect with those parts of you that you often minimize, forget, ignore, or brush off (i.e. your true talents) — we’re going to talk to those around us.

I’ve made this as simple as copying and pasting an e-mail with a few tweaks to help you along — go go, magic script!

Dear ______,

As you know, I love you because _____________ and _________. (Also, there’s _________.)

I’m doing an exercise for my business and I’m hoping you have two minutes to help out.

[CLIENTS] Why did you hire me? What did you most enjoy about working with me? What quality of mine most stood out during our time together?

[FRIENDS] Which personality traits of mine do you most admire? Which talents do I totally take for granted that you wish YOU had? In general, why do you keep me around?

[PARENTS/FAMILY] Which of my activities or achievements have made you most proud of me? If you had to tell a complete stranger about my best quality, what would you say? Which qualities or talents of mine do you wish YOU had?

It means the world to me to have people like you in my life, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to answer these questions.

Your Name

Send that little ditty to five people, and voila! Wait for the good tidings to roll in.

Keep track of the things each person says by creating a new document called Kind Words and keeping it on your computer. Continue to collect kind words as you come across them in e-mail, on the phone, on Facebook — wherever!

This is the start of an ongoing practice in worthiness — in truly believing those things people say about you. These loved ones are not lying, they are not trying to flatter you — these things they say are absolutely true. It is the work of a lifetime to believe them.

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