How to not give a fuck.

How to not give a fuck.

One of the most common questions peeps ask me the first time we chat, whether in person or on the phone, is how I got to be me — this person who can drop the f-bomb and have pink hair and say the things no one else wants to say, and then expose deep parts of myself on the internets for all to see — without being crippled by fear or doubt or all the terrible things that could befall me for such vulnerability.

How do I do THAT?

It’s a process, but here’s the thing: I don’t give a fuck.

Each and every day, I have to guard the fucks I give, and worrying about what people think will steal my fucks like nothing else.

I have to help people be true to themselves, and write books and make podcasts and take care of my cats and dog and love my friends and keep my house clean and return my library books on time, which doesn’t leave much room for worrying about whether what I make offends people or makes them run away in horror.

If you’re ready to give zero fucks about what the world thinks of you while pursuing your work in the world, listen to today’s podcast.

It’s my favorite. This topic lights me up like no other.


P.S. When you’re learning to not give a fuck, you’ll need to learn to stop hiding.