How to stress less when your bank account is skinnier than Kate Middleton - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

How to stress less when your bank account is skinnier than Kate Middleton

You’re broke. Or you feel broke, even though technically there’s money in your bank account.

You’re getting paid $1.17 after taxes or child support payments or expenses.
You owe thousands upon thousands of dollars in credit card debt.
Your clients aren’t booking like they usually do.
You’re freaking out.
You can’t quite breathe.

Feeling powerless and overwhelmed by mounds of debt sucks big hairy balls. So first, before we talk strategies or how-to’s or ideas that might help you out, take back your power.

You can turn this around if you refuse to be overwhelmed by it.

You run a business, and you’ve got income streams at your disposal.

You’ve also got a brain, some good ideas, and three minutes to do this exercise with me. Ready?

How can you make $1,000 in the next week?

Not $7,000 or $12,000 or $47,000…one thousand dollars.

You’ve made a thousand dollars before. And you can do it again.

What’s one way you can make that happen?

(Feel that panic loosening?)

Now, take it one step further.

What are 5 different ways you can make $1,000?

Maybe they’re not all feasible, and maybe they can’t all happen tomorrow, but it’s worth noting. You have lots of ways to make money at your disposal.

The act of loosening your grip on panic and embracing other alternatives does wonders for your psyche.

Oh, you’ll have a sale on those and then move up that project.
You’ll put off spending there and make that happen instead.
You’ll discount those items to move inventory, then tease your peeps with new stuff that’s even more amazing.
You’ll make twice as many products this month.
You’ll open a few more spots.
You’ll work with someone else to co-promote an event.
You’ll offer an amazing incentive to get your peeps to take action now.

You won’t panic.
You won’t pander.
You won’t throw your hands up in despair.

You have the ability to earn the money you need, but you’ve got to remain calm enough to see it.

Keep going: what are 10 ways you can earn $1,000? This might require pulling in a new project, expanding in a direction you’ve been longing to go for a while, or actually making those people pay you for work you’re already doing. But it’s within your power.

In order to make ________________
in the next few __________________,
I’ll ____________________
and _______________________________
and offer _________________ to my peeps for ___ days.

If that doesn’t work, I’ll come back to the drawing board.

No stress. No freakage-outage.

You’ve got this.

P.S.  Please, don’t lead with price.