Be faithful to the people who 'get' you, whether you're taking them to bed or to the bank. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Be faithful to the people who ‘get’ you, whether you’re taking them to bed or to the bank.

You have great clients, but what about DREAMY clients? SUPERB clients? Clients with WEE LET’S BUY EVERYTHING budgets who make you laugh so hard you pee when you’re together?

It’s easy to believe that your competitors have found all the fantastic clients in the area, and you’ve been left with the dregs. So, I ask:

Do your clients understand you? Do you want to hug them? Do they come from a place of understanding and patience, no matter their budget? Do they respect your wishes and accept the terms you lay out in contracts?

If yes, read this article instead.

But if you’re not rolling in clients you deeply love, I’ll wager that you’ve got cowboy-bangem-itis.

You see, every potential client is like the really hot guy at the bar who looks all cute and who you can imagine taking into a back alley and riding like a cowboy.

Everyone looks good from a distance — because they’re pure fantasy. They don’t want to make changes to contracts or swap album photos or move their appointments or cancel their second order. They just WANT you. (That’s the cowboy-bangem part of cowboy-bangem-itis.)

Once you have ’em in the alley, though…the talking begins.

Turns out that cowboy isn’t into public displays of affection, so we’ll have to go to his house — well actually, his mom’s house. Because he doesn’t have a job, so he can’t afford his own place, and can we stop to pick up some beer on the way? And can you help a brother out by loaning him $20…?

You know what? Loser drunk cowboys in alleyways make it easy to be loyal to your ‘right’ people.

When you find the peeps that really ‘get’ you and your business, keep ’em. Even if they need a payment plan. Even if they forgot to order a few prints until the week before Mother’s Day. Even if they want you to tweak design element or can’t pay until Tuesday.

To cure cowboy-bangem-itis: forgive honest errors and slip-ups, because you’re doing what you love with people who appreciate you.

And when the cowboy with those shimmering blue eyes comes over to wheel and deal and wine and dine you into doing something that just doesn’t feel right — give ’em the cold shoulder. You (and your business) can do better.

P.S.  How to find your peeps.