Intuition Basics: Sensing the Sparkle - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Intuition Basics: Sensing the Sparkle

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You know how the things you learned in school get less and less relevant with every year that you live in the real world?  You know how sometimes you’ve been guided to a part of the room/block/town/world without any explanation, and what seems like magic is waiting for you there?  You know how sometimes you struggle to find words for your experiences (even though you’re a writer whose job it is to be articulate)?

*This* is about thatAll of that.

In this episode of That’s What She Said, we dive into the ways you can deepen your everyday life by placing just a little more attention on a part of your intuition that I call ‘sparkle.’

Sparkle: the seemingly magnetic energy of an idea, concept, object, product, person, room, space, statement, or organization

Sensing the sparkle: when you allow perceived sparkle (and the lack thereof) to influence your everyday decision-making

These sparkle-sensing instincts are probably buried under layers of muck and numbness.  You’ve probably made a habit of overriding the tiniest impulses and overthinking the bigger ones. That doesn’t mean these sensing skills are lost to you forever!  That only means you have dormant muscles. You can use those intuitive muscles again.

When you begin to treat the cues your intuition and your body gives as legitimate — in fact, as far more advanced than the part of your body that’s capable of being verbal, since those nonverbal actions and cues have existed for far longer than syllables and noises on the spectrum of human evolution — you’re on your way.

To be perfectly frank, I’m damn proud of this class and hope you listen, then drop me an e-mail at when you finish.  It’s taken years of what felt like sucking mud through a straw to articulate these concepts, and I hope they serve you well.  See also: HOLY CRAP I WISH SOMEONE HAD SAID THESE THINGS TO ME DECADES AGO.

P.S. Intuition 101: your best guidance is in your gut.  Also, if you’re like, ‘KRISTEN I FEEL NOTHING IN MY BODY,’ I got you.

Photo // that time a pink-tailed dog flung itself into my lap at the dog beach in San Diego.  (Read: ALL THE SPARKLE.)