How do I know if X program is for me? - Kristen Kalp

How do I know if X program is for me?

It’s that time, folks.  In the world of business education, there are endless programs, supplements, downloads, books, and classes to consider.  There’s one you’re probably SICK of considering, too. 😉

There are plenty of opportunities you’re interested in, but might pass up because they seem to be “expensive.” Only they’re actually investments, and the best investments double or triple or quintuple in value over time.

With simple math, we can see that if you are trying to make triple your money back and invest $2,000, you’re likely to make close to six grand — but if you invest $39 in some ready-made solution or template, you’re likely to make…NEARLY $120 when your investment triples.  (Woopity doo.)

We often make the mistake of seeing investment in an experience as the risk, when the far greater risk is being stuck exactly where we are.

As humans, we get so much life, aliveness, vitality, and soul juice from growth — from growing into who we are — but our brains will keep us stuck because of things being “too expensive” for years, if not decades.

Personally, the very biggest investment I’ve made in my business topped what seemed like a bajiliion dollars to me at the time — twenty thousand dollars. When I was teaching in the inner city, that was the entirety of my salary. I drive a car that’s worth less than $8,000. It was freaking scary to invest so much into myself. BUT I made back five times my investment within three months. And I grew like crazy. I understood so much more about my business, myself, other people, and my place in the world than I did when I started…and I learned so much about my own attitudes toward money that never could have happened if my brain had won out with logic.

Logic says you only have $200, or $2,000, or $20,000 in the bank. (That number will never be enough to overcome the logical argument, by the way. You can have $2,000,000 in the bank, but it will all be mentally dogeared for something else.) Logic says you really should be saving for your kids’ education, or your mortgage payment, or your new car, or something nice and “stable.”

From a logical place — and you can ask my accountant, Karl, about this — my business is just plain HOSED. I release successful projects time and again. I make stuff up and some of it works. Some of it doesn’t, so I keep going. I defy logic and enjoy doing so. That’s because my business is based in numbers, but I’m not tied to doing things just to make the numbers sing.

My true currency isn’t money, it’s freedom. I’m interested in going where I feel free-est.

Where are you most interested in going? To safety and security? To time away from your work? To a new job or new business? To a place where people envy you and want to BE you? To time in the spotlight?

Where are you most interested in going? And will this thing you’re considering investing in help you get there?

If it will, get it. If you keep ending up at the sales page. If you keep being drawn to something about it, or you can’t get it out of your mind.  Buy it.  You don’t have to know exactly why, but your body will know whether or not you want to take part.  If it feels heavy, run away.  If it feels light, breezy, quiet, soft, or soulful — generally GOOD in your body — pick it up.  Easy.

If not, don’t buy it. Even if everyone else is buying it, or says it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, or says you should get it RIGHT NOW.

Holy Dear Jesus Rollerskating in Heaven Above, the e-mails about new programs never stop.  The videos, the advertising, the upgrades and bonuses and extra things and kickbacks and fist bumps and…yah, I know.

The question of cost isn’t nearly as important as whether you find this work compelling and necessary after you’ve taken a look.

Do you feel called to do this particular work?

That’s it.  That’s the beginning and end of what you need to worry about when you’re considering a program.

P.S.  Give what you needed to get.

Photo // Lauren Guilford, Steer Your Ship Costa Rica