Why you don't want a guarantee. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Why you don’t want a guarantee.

It’s OK to stop doing the stuff that doesn’t feel good.

Even if you’re bucking against the way things have “always” been done.
Especially if the things that feel good feel SO good that you’re sure the other shoe is about to drop. Someone’s gotta die or you’ve got to go broke or get cancer, right? RIGHT!? (They don’t, you don’t, and no. No cancer necessary.)

Even if you know the next move but it puts everything you’ve worked for in danger.
Especially if seeing a certain client’s name makes you want to abandon all social interactions until the situation goes away on its own.

Even if you’re sick of trying to explain it to people.
Especially if you’re tempted to give up explaining altogether.

If it feels heavy, tight, twisted, bleary, miserable, dank, crusty, dark, useless, or disgusting, don’t do it.

Outsource it. Someone else can check your e-mail.

Give it up. No one cares if your toilet bowl is currently sparkling.

Re-prioritize. Put your tippy-top priorities in a little boat and set fucking sail, leaving all the rest of your baggage (and those gifts you haven’t been able to give away despite hating them because you love the givers so much, and the clutter that’s been accumulating in the basement while you weren’t looking) on the shore.

Get in the tiny boat. Pursue the thing.

The relentless thing, the thrilling thing, the most alive thing you know.

Don’t ask for a guarantee.

Just ask for it to feel good.

And go. You deserve a mystery.

P.S. Boundaries are the best thing ever.