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Connie Vanderzanden & all the SCARY BUSINESS NUMBERS

Connie Vanderzanden

Did you ever want to meet someone who defies most every stereotype of the accounting industry in an effortless and extremely human way?  Because…meet Connie Vanderzanden. 



This is a super chill, no-pitch interview meant to help you both a.) look at and b.) start taking control of your business numbers starting NOW.  I’ve been the human who watched credit card bills pile up, too scared to open them, and the entrepreneur whose expenses are ??? per month but IT’S FINE I’M MAKING PLENTY.  Given Connie’s wisdom and elegant money systems, I could have skipped those debt-y years of WHY GOD WHY and gotten to the point of engaging with and managing my business numbers muuuuch more quickly.

In this That’s What She Said podcast interview, we talk about:

🔥The 19 years Connie has been in business — including the *six* years she put into it without pay
🔥The ways debt leads to deadened creativity — and how to get out of the ‘but I have no ideas or motivation’ cycle
🔥Steps to start dealing with, looking at, and taking control of your business finances, even if you HATE numbers or are afraid of what you’ll find
🔥Guidelines for both natural savers (not me) and natural spenders (::waves hello::) to use money in service of our (business) lives
🔥EXTREMELY practical, immediately useful suggestions for putting your money to work from the moment you listen to the podcast
🔥The sneaky ways RECEIVING has everything thing to do with the health and wealth of your business
🔥Connie’s insightful stories about her relationships with food, debt, and power — and how she had to reckon with all three to run a truly sustainable business.

If you’d like to find out more about working with Connie to get your business out of OH GOD I’M AFRAID OF THE NUMBERS LET ME AVOID THEM FOR ANOTHER ONE TO SEVEN MORE YEARS, head to profitwithconnie.com.

If you’d like to start diving into your business finances with Connie’s free resources, check this out.

P.S. Use this podcast episode to figure out exactly how much money your business needs to make each month in order to have Enough.  Or, if you’ve got Enough on lock, check out Bear Hebert’s take on being anti-capitalist…within the confines of capitalism. 😉

The Other Side

We get up every day
and do the work.
There is drama, pain,
resistance, play,
noise. Sometimes
the deafening silence.

We get up every day and do the work.
No one anywhere says a word because
they do not see and cannot know
what’s required to enter the chambers of the heart,
day after day, week after week, year after year.

They cannot know what it’s like to crawl along your belly
through the tears-snot-pain-awful for what seems like miles
in order to find that reliable feast set in a room of rock:
peace, persistence,

We tell them but they do not believe:
the other side of the tunnel opens
in all directions to pure

P.S. My book of poetry is pay-what-you-can priced.

Any Given Tuesday

Two poems to share with you in this podcast episode!

Any Given Tuesday

I cannot tell
them what it’s like
in here, in my brain,
late September, facing down
another pandemic winter,
climate change placing our house
in a new tornado alley, the immediate world
red, blue,
pro, anti,
on and on,
while I try pointing my dials to

Ignore your tightly wound belly
and the tears streaming down your cheeks
because it’s not one thing
it’s all of it:
All of It.
All. Of. It:

We were not meant to hold this much pain
without being able to hold each other tightly,
physically, breathing in the same room.

Healing without holding hands is so much harder.

We continue to accrue layers of not-here,
stacking distraction
upon mess
upon dysfunction,

And still my brain demands it,
beneath the piles of wet cardboard
and the urine-soaked carpets of mind:

Just Function, Kalp.

Just remember how to write.
Just pretend it isn’t happening.

Just keep swimming.





You taught me
so much more
than straight A’s ever could

just by popping the truck
intro neutral at the top
of the longest hill around
and refusing to brake

my little body
screaming and squealing
in delightful terror
as we picked up speed,
squiggling past more
and more houses,
all of me screeching along with the tires
in the deep trust of childhood
that can only be reached
before the world
does any real breaking:

we’re gonna die
but not right now

we’re alive
we’re alive
we’re alive

(…and, um, hearing about this would probably upset your mother.)

You showed me the places we can go
only with one another
and for no good reason,
just because it’s fun
to be

Maybe this was your best-kept
secret to living:
all trust,
no breaks.

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Last week she told me she wouldn’t come
to my latest offering even if it were free.

I absorbed the blow, laughing —
light as a leaf
falling from the tree outside —
but the seeds of her doubt are trying to take root.
(I have been silenced by far less.)

Perhaps the larger part of Maturity In the Internet Age
is choosing to look it all in the eye and proclaim:

You cannot take my work from me.
You cannot make me believe I am trivial.

You cannot silence me today.
Or tomorrow.
Or on any of the days to come.

This is the promise,
and the reward,
all in one:
you cannot
my work
from me


This is an episode of That’s What She Said, my podcast! Listen in 👇🏼

P.S. If you need (not-poetry-based) help with following up in sales…stay on it.

The Mental Health Pep Talk

mental health pep talk

Little did I know when I started a business eleven (!!!) years ago that I would be talking about mental health with people all the time. The ins and outs, the ups and downs, the hardest parts of being human — it’s all on the table, and that was BEFORE we came down with a pandemic. Lemme read you a poem and love on you in this episode of That’s What She Said, okay? (There are hundreds more episodes here.  Or catch up on all things dealing with depression while running a business.)

To Past Me, Who Has Endured 20 Years of Depression

I love you.

Thank you for every tear you cried;
for every time you left the house
when you’d rather stay in;
for every time you shared the truth
instead of pretending to be okay.

Thank you for being brave enough
to ask for help, to tell on yourself,
to rest and pause when needed.

Thank you for simply enduring
when your brain was sure
you should no longer be alive.

Thank you for resisting the easy way out.

Thank you for being resilient enough to grow into;
grow despite;
grow past;
grow deeper.

Thank you for reaching into your darkest parts,
hands flailing around in sheer nothingness,
and finding gem after gem to examine,

Thank you for continuing to feel
in a world that wants you
to go

Just: thank you.

P.S. Dig poems?  My book of poetry is pay-what-you-can priced.