The Personal and the Political - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

The Personal and the Political

In this episode of That’s What She Said, we talk about making art when assholes are in power, bridging the gap between ‘professional’ and political, using versus spending your privilege, and the fine art of channeling fury into fuel.

“…this is your life and you can’t put it on hold because assholes are in power. Assholes, after all, have always been in power.” — Beth Pickens, Your Art Will Save Your Life

When I get fired up, I write poems. This is the one that come out today.

Dear Casey,

I’m sorry this is how you’ll turn 18,
with a man who brags about grabbing pussy
as President.

I’m sorry the adults in the room haven’t managed
to topple the systems of oppression
we were born supporting.

I’m sorry for your trans friends who are being
quite literally eliminated today, as if they never existed,
as if they can be erased as easily as a penciled-in promise.

I’m sorry we haven’t figured out
how to make ‘invisible’ labor visible
or overcome capitalism in order to save the planet.

I’m sorry your children will drown in plastic
and possibly fascism. I’m sorry we couldn’t.


P.S. Joy is an act of resistance.