Horribly embarrassing photos of me. (A Steer Your Ship recap.) - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Horribly embarrassing photos of me. (A Steer Your Ship recap.)

It seems like anytime we humans talk business, the world goes stiff and dull. The light drains from our eyes and everyone channels their inner accountant: shoulders hunched, eyes glazed, watches counting down ’til the next snack break. And workshops? That’s just more business talk, only with crappy food and waaaayyyy too much information being thrown at your face.

I created Steer Your Ship to break that cycle — to make learning about business every bit as fun as learning about cooking or knitting or the shit people do for fun in their spare time. Since no one actually believes me when I say the retreat was fun, I just took pictures. I’ll narrate a bit to guide you through.

We’ll start our tour with kayaking in a pool. We thought, “We could go kayaking!” and we also thought, “We could go swimming!” but decided to combine them. If you’ve never tried to joust with a pool noodle and then raced kayaks in a 20′ enclosure, well…you’ve never been to Steer Your Ship. (Technically, the retreat was over at this point. I love that not a single person hightailed it out of there.)

Throughout the retreat, I took pictures to notice details, to appreciate nature, and to show the attendees just how freaking gorgeous I find each one of them. Peeps letting their guard down = the very best.

The group takes regular breaks for Fun Camp. The assignment was to make an outfit from toilet paper worthy of Celine Dion wearing on stage. Think big, flowing gown on a Vegas stage. In five minutes. With four pieces of tape. Nailed it!

And then, you know, I teach some stuff. We work really freaking hard. (There’s only one photo of that.)

Then we get back to playing. This time, the assignment was to catch Cheese Doodles on your shower cap that’s been covered in shaving cream.

We ended the whole retreat with a game made up by the Steer Your Ship participants — sort of a Fun Camp graduation — and it involved acting like an animal and catching a cotton ball in your mouth. (Worst thing ever, by the way…)

Nobody can say I don’t commit! It feels self-indulgent to share these images with you, as they’re evidence of one of the most magical weekends of my life. I’ve never felt so freaking helpful/alive/trusting/trusted/nifty as I did when helping these peeps open up and explore what their lives are now — and what they’d like them to be.

Okay, enough from me! Let them tell you what happened!

“…one of the most enlightening experiences I’ve ever had.  I came away with an amazing sense of clarity, a new sense of direction to seek in my business, and friendships, not too mention a fantastic marketing roadmap and a spirit animal.  Kristen Kalp, you are a genius who lights up the world of those who know you.  So thank you for finding your talent, being you, and sharing with others who you are.”    

— Crystal Colon

“I’ve had more fun in the past 4 days than I have in the past 4 years.”

— Nicki Behm

“Becoming a Mom changed my life in an undeniable way, so did Steer Your Ship.”

— Nikki McArthur

P.S.  The premise behind Steer Your Ship?  Give what you needed to get.