Time, money, both, neither: how to build your business. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Time, money, both, neither: how to build your business.

Here’s the thing about building a business: you have to have either time or money in abundance to get it off the ground.

If you’ve got lots of money, you just pay people to build your website, come up with a marketing plan, grow your contact lists, and create your products.

If you’ve got lots of time, you’re the one to do all of the things listed above.

Either way, your business grows as a direct result of investing time and/or money into it.

But what if you haven’t got time or money?  Eeeeeeeeesh.

Time is the missing link between so-so customer service and phenomenal experiences. If you haven’t got time, you need money to have other people sew your custom envelopes or buy those massages for great clients or pull out all the stops for home deliveries, etc…

If you haven’t got the money right now, you have to make the time.

You just HAVE to, if you wish to grow a profitable business. I repeat, you just HAVE to.  Wake up earlier, eat more Cheerios so you can cook one less meal, hire a sitter and make that hour you get every day stretch farther than most people’s five hours.  Find another small biz owner and swap child care, if it comes to that.  Throw your TV out the window.  Cancel your cable, pretend Facebook is broken…you’ve just got to find the time.

Those who don’t wish to invest time or money in their business are looking for a quick fix and will be out of business in no time — that’s like wanting to have six-pack abs and a size 0 body without changing your diet or exercise program in the slightest. Not gonna happen, friend.

Luckily, you are not most people.  You are perfectly awesome, and you know that time suckers are business suckers.  Try keeping track of your time for a few days — where does your time go?  When are you most productive?  (I’m useless after 3pm, so I get most everything requiring brain power done before then.)  Can you make your common time suckers a reward for completing X business tasks?

You can be more productive in less time, and you can reap the rewards of that productivity in your business.

P.S.  How to make your business an ATM.