Have you ever noticed... - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Have you ever noticed…

… that the truly talented people you know hesitate to share their work, while the trolls who spew hate speech on the interwebs don’t experience any hesitation whatsoever about tweeting and commenting and leaving a trail of 1-star Yelp reviews in their wake?

The Voice workshop aims to change all that.

The wilder, braver, kinder, and clearer your voice becomes, the more easily you find and serve the perfect clients for your business. The more you love those clients, the more easily you connect with and delight them. The more you connect with and delight your clients, the more easily you find clients just like them through word of mouth.

But more importantly. The more deeply you connect with and share your voice, you the more deeply seen seen you are in your business — which feeds your soul, increases your sense of fulfillment, and draws even better work into the world.

If you want to entice even better work into the world, gift yourself with deeper knowledge of your own voice, or just make more damn money, come to the Voice workshop on May 7th & 8th, 2020, in Portland, Oregon.  Up to 20 lovely humans will be there, too!

Read on for all the details…

What if you could:

+ share your opinions instead of stuffing them down?
+ give up on pleasing everybody?
+ listen to (and follow!) the whispers within you instead of trying to shut them up with food, booze, drugs, sex, screens, shopping, or all six?
+ find the perfect clients and love them with all of your heart?
+ stop caring about the obvious metrics (i.e. followers, likes, shares & dollars) and start caring about how your soul is feeling on any given day?
+ sell your work without minimizing it or justifying your pricing to critics?
+ separate your *work* from your *worth* entirely?
+ bypass your asshole brain and find a whole new world within you?

I promise you can do every last one of those things.

I’ll show you how at the Voice workshop.

I’ve been using my voice in business for a decade now. That looks like: publishing 5 books and an additional 410k+ words online, creating the That’s What She Said podcast — which has over 250k downloads in 100+ nations, holding workshops for business owners all over the country, and earning standing ovations at speaking gigs in Sweden, Canada, and the United States.

I’ve got tricks to offer, experiments to try, and surefire ways to bypass your asshole brain in order to access the real-true-authentic voice only YOU possess.

Voice is a workshop for creative small business owners who want more people to a.) hear and b.) heart their work.

We’ll spend two days diving into what’s keeping you tame, cramped, scared, and unclear in order to find the wild, kind, brave, and clear voice within you.

SPOILER ALERT! Your voice will not magically arrive in a neat package with a long list of things to say. It’s something you uncover, again and again, as it changes along with you.

We’ll play as much as we speak.
We’ll experiment as much as we know things for sure.
We’ll talk just as much about wordlessness and creativity as website copy, income, and calls to action.

Ultimately, we’ll take steps toward making a wilder, kinder, braver, and clearer world.

Your workshop seat includes:

+ 2 days of learning in Portland, Oregon on May 7th and 8th, 2020 ($1299 value)
+ Instant access to the How to F*&*ing Communicate class ($69 value)
+ Group journey through the Space course in April 2020 ($69 value)
+ Checklists and worksheets for guiding your work after our time together ($69 value)
+ 30-days-later group check-in/Q+A call in June 2020 ($199 value)

Total value: 1705

Yours for: 4 monthly payments of 174.75.  (That’s 699 if mental math isn’t your favorite.)

You can even pay in 12 monthly installments of 58.25!  (Still 699 total because making you pay more for lack of cash flow is a no-good-shitbird policy.)

You come to find your voice by speaking.
Let’s get started.

Want to see what peeps have to say about working with me?

Julia Lillqvist
Julia Lillqvist
Craftboner testimonial pic
Kiwi Schloffel, Craftboner

She’s a coach slash mentor slash shoulder to cry on when things are shit. Pure magic in human form.

Becky Rui
Becky Rui

Working with Kristen injected fun, creativity and expansiveness back into my feelings around my business and helped me to trust and value myself more as I move forward.

M. Beth Ferda
M. Beth Ferda

...you heard one question, or one comment from me, and from that one question or comment you have this superpower where you can see this absurdly intricate WEB of SHIT that is all tied up with that one little comment or question. It's really amazing. And I HATE the word "amazing." But I think I'm actually amazed, so...

Meg Hamilton, Rodeo & Co.
Meg Hamilton, Rodeo & Co.

…this girl has changed my outlook on life, business, priorities, and what really matters…

Brenda Llamas Young
Brenda Llamas Young

I still can’t completely articulate what you’ve done but I know one thing, you’ve given me the confidence and permission to be amazing at what I do while making the living I deserve. It can’t get any better than that….

Ketti Phillips
Ketti Phillips

...extremely adept at helping you cut through your own bullshit and get to the heart of the matter in all things business.

Beryl Young
Beryl Young

I don’t know how in the heck you do what you do. That laser perception you have to help others find a way forward is some magical power you have. It amazes me every time I see it in action.

Courtney Holmes
Courtney Holmes

OMG people are PAYING me! It's incredible. I got so much money in one day that PayPal fucking limited my account. Bastards.

Alicia Bruce
Alicia Bruce

Dude, she's got pink hair and says fuck a lot, but she knows her shit. She's like an entrepreneurial genius, helping me discover things about my business AND myself that I was too distracted to ever look for on my own.

Jilske bio
Ilse (aka Jilske)

I haven’t made any BIG changes or decisions. But that it has been a lot of LITTLE steps and tweaks that ultimately in hindsight results in a HUGE difference in quality of life and business. Forget about all the other workshops and online courses and do something that is tailored especially for you.

Heather Sontag headshot
Heather Sontag

Kristen will give fresh perspective to you and your business, helping you find ways to get your message and heart farther out into the world. She’s an action oriented person who helps you set goals and expects you to succeed at them. She’s fun, easy going, but knows her shit - plus you’ll learn how to write better along the way.

Yah but, Kristen, what are we actually gonna TALK about?

Glad you asked!  The Voice podcast series is here to fill you in. It’s a preview of our main themes for May, and chock full of questions to consider as you deepen the practice of connecting to your voice, no matter where you currently live!

Ready to do this?

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