The Woo and Taboo 6-pack. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

The Woo and Taboo 6-pack.

This six-pack of podcasts focuses on The Taboo and The Woo. (Other 6-packs include: rad humans and seemingly obvious but hard-earned wisdom.)

First up: The Taboo!

Did you fail to have healthy adult relationships modeled for you ’cause you grew up in a broken AF household, or was that just me?

Let’s talk about sex, the body, and being at home with yourself. I’ll start by talking about how I was basically a walking brain carrier until age 31, and then share the steps I took to learn how to actually inhabit my body. (No that’s NOT taught to us, and no you’re NOT weird for not being able to do it. ::high fives to all those who read books for the entirety of summer instead of learning how to do bodily things::)

Kim Anami talks about becoming a well-fucked woman in this podcast episode, and if you dig it you might dig her course of the same name.

The Sex Episode talks about the ways all things sexual play out in my life as of right now, after years of working with Kim, and The Cannabis Episode is a good time for anyone looking to experiment with weed. (Yes, that weed.)

And now: The Woo!

Being labeled as ‘woo woo’ can feel like a death sentence or a loss of intellectual ground — but talking about The Woo is a deeply healing, freeing, and connection-building experience for everyone involved.

I came out of the spiritual closet to talk about all the spiritual habits, experiences, and practices that make up my life, and it’s so vulnerable that I cry three times.

Okay, but, how does that matter in everyday life? WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE if you’re connected with your own spiritual center and your interiors?

It. Makes. A. Big. Difference.

When you’re connected to your own interiors, you’re already on the way to getting anywhere you want to go. (Without manifesting because The Law of Attraction is no friend of mine.) If you loathe templates, 6-part programs, and step-by-step instructions but would still like to feel as if you’re making progress in life, this is the podcast for you.

Finally, there’s energetic growth. You can get bigger as a human soul, and this analogy makes it simple to understand: kittens versus elephants.

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