Pee in the lake: the most effective blog post you can write today. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Pee in the lake: the most effective blog post you can write today.

The scene: two turns past the middle of nowhere.

The players: five kids, their Mom, and myself

The story: We’re driving around with five kids in the car, calling our time together ‘an adventure.’  (This means we have no idea where we’re going or what will happen.  The house was too hot to stay in any longer.  Half of the kids aren’t wearing shoes, so going shopping or otherwise cavorting with civilized society is not really an option.)

And then, we spot it: the sign for a boat launch.  “Oooh, turn there!” I yell, and we swerve down a dusty lane. We end up all alone with a body of water — not a boat in sight. It’s a gorgeous, sunny day, and within minutes there are five very-wet, very-happy children splashing around the lake while fully-dressed.

Suddenly, Joshua has to pee.  NOW.  We encourage him to step out of the lake and use the restroom — or to go further into the lake and pee.  No no.  Joshua has this covered.

Joshua, age four, whips his joystick out in the middle of the lake. In case this does not garner the attention of the tri-state area, he yells “I’m peeing!” and goes to town.  He pees with no hands.  He pees leaning back, he pees with the biggest grin on his face that I’ve ever witnessed.  He has the pee of his LIFE.

His siblings fall down giggling.  His Mom and I try to convince ourselves that we shouldn’t be laughing…but we can’t help ourselves. That shiz is funny.

Uh, Kristen? What the hell does this have to do with my next blog post?

Make your next blog post as much fun as peeing in the lake.

Tell me a story about a product you purchased or an experience you loved.  Show me pictures that make you giggle.  Let me be excited, surprised, happy, tickled, or entertained with you.

Peeing in the lake posts let readers connect with you on a personal level, and show ’em that you’re equal parts average human and savvy business owner.

Some more ideas to create your peeing in the lake blog post:

  • Run through the images you’ve taken recently.  Do any of them warrant further explanation?  If so, you’ve got your blog post.
  • When was the last time you laughed until you cried?  Tell me about it, if it’s appropriate for the interwebs.  If not, keep going through your memory until you hit upon a G-rated adventure.
  • Which experience or product absolutely delighted you?  Share it with your readers.
  • Tell me a story about getting lost or having an adventure, even if it isn’t funny.  Whether insightful or introspective, the point is to let me see life just the way you do.

Now go, pee in the lake!  Write your heart out, friend!

P.S.  Keep that writing streak up by getting out of your blogging rut.