YES you're here AND YES I'm excited! - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

YES you’re here AND YES I’m excited!

Ahoy there, I’m Kristen!

I (am basically four years old and) make spaces for people to tell the truth about the state of their souls.

I do that through books like Introverts at Work and Calling to the Deep: business as a spiritual practice, through business coaching, and through sharing the simple practice of breathwork.  (Part active meditation, part spiritual journey, ALL MAGIC.  Try it out here!)

Since you’ve arrived from Yes and Yes, here are a handful of articles Sarah has linked to and loved first!

+ Stay on it. The most annoying part of selling, marketing, making, and producing is to stay on it.

+ I’ve struggled with depression on and off since 2001, which means I’ve gotten an epic shit-ton of experience with managing, overcoming, breaking through (and, sadly, hiding) my depression. Here are hard-won depression tactics you can actually use.

+ So you didn’t get arrested for sharing your views lately?  Doesn’t mean you can’t rebel.  Here are 50 everyday acts of rebellion.

+ Related: how to use your dollars to shape the world.

Ready to go deeper?

+ I have a podcast!  The That’s What She Said podcast is for you if you’d rather listen than read my work!  Here are the top 10 podcast episodes to get you started.

+ Are you human?  Then umYour brain is an asshole.

+ Are you a fellow word nerd who used your body as a device to get your brain from place to place for the first two decades of your life?  The long journey to the body is for you.

+ How to have a perfect launch.  (Spoiler alert: that’s not actually possible.)

Finally, the Fuck Yah Club includes a secret library full of book excerpts, class sessions, and a free copy of Change the World, Dammit!

Get your treats by popping your e-mail in the box.  I’ll send you an e-mail once a week and then leave you to your own devices, because introverts. 😉

Got a question or want to say ‘hello’…?  I’m here! or use the magical contact form to get in touch!



P.S.  Wanna go behind the scenes?  Here’s every product and service I use to make magic happen in my business.  (Also this poem.  You probably need to read this poem.)