Introverts at Work: unleash your Quiet business flavor on the world by Kristen Kalp

Introverts at Work: unleash your Quiet business flavor on the world

Introverts at Work: unleash your Quiet business flavor on the world
It seems like being an introvert and being in business are polar opposites, but there are many ways your Quiet-with-a-capital-Q nature works to your advantage when selling and marketing. I'll walk you through those advantages and help you share them with your potential and present customers throughout the book. (Bonus: each chapter ends with a dare to make an additional $1,000 using the method outlined.)
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About the Book

You’re an introvert. You don’t do loud, jazz-hands-y marketing activities, and you avoid networking like the plague. I know all about the ways your brain messes with your sense of self and your confidence because you’re an introvert. The inner voices get all crazy and tell you all the stuff you “should” be doing to grow your business, only it feels terrible. Most of the extroverted business-building suggestions feel approximately as fun as poking your eyes out with spoons while getting run over by a dump truck. So you don’t do them. Your decreasing confidence leads to declining interest in your business, which leads to decreasing profits. It becomes a vicious cycle that costs you thousands of dollars per year. More despair, fewer dollars, less interest in your business. Aaaaand repeat. We can stop that cycle with some simple changes that don’t even involve leaving the house. As an introvert, your website has to do a TON of heavy lifting for your business. It has to get peeps to figure out what you do, fall in love with you, and then hand over their hard-earned money without once interacting with you personally. That’s where Introverts at Work comes in. Together, we’ll quickly and strategically revamp the words on your website to express more of who you are in business. We’ll sell your stuff without hiding from the word ‘sales’ or falling into drone/corporate/professional mode. But first, you’ll have to do some digging. You’ll have to face your own fears of being judged for being too ______ or not _______ enough. You’ll have to teach people how to treat you — meaning that you’ll no longer answer e-mails at all hours of the day and night, that you’ll refuse to fulfill that last minute order without a rush charge, and that you won’t _______________ for any amount of money, where ______ is defined by you as the last thing on earth you want to do, ever. You’ll have to say “no” way more often than you are right now. You’ll have to share the truth about who you are with your website’s visitors. The deep truth, not just the ‘I like lipstick and making stuff’ truth. You’ll have to actively and willingly push money away from people who aren’t a good fit, who don’t share your values, or whom you just plain can’t stand. You’ll have to be a little bit vulnerable and a whole f***ing lot of brave. When you’re done — when you’ve articulated your distinctive business flavor and then actively expressed it all over your website and your marketing materials — you’ll be more powerful. Your business will be more directly aligned with who you are in the world. (It will probably be WAY more profitable, too.) You’ll want to cuddle and/or spoon with your business at night, instead of dreading the work you put into it. In fact, you probably won’t be able to keep your hands off of it. 😉 If you know that you need help expressing exactly who you are through your business — and that both thrills and scares the sh*t out of you — read this book.

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