Speaking - Kristen Kalp


Have you noticed that most conference presentations are boring AF? Me, too.

And it makes me sad, ’cause live, everyone-breathing-in-the-same-room education is one of my favorite things in the world.

I approach every stage with a dare to outdo myself. That means past speeches have ended with my diving into the nearest pool with a group of fully-clothed attendees, a massive confetti battle aboard the historic Queen Mary ocean liner, and a standing ovation despite my having come down with the Moose Flu strep throat during a Canadian conference.

Read: if you want a speaker who doesn’t hop on the mic and bore the ever-loving shizbots out of everyone present with a rote presentation about the same old subject matter — featuring the same techniques everyone has been hawking since time (i.e. the internet) began — look no further.

Whether you want me to throw down about how vulnerability leads to profitability as an entrepreneur, fighting depression while running a business, or giving no fucks to what society desperately wants us to care about in the name of pursuing true work, I’m happy to help. (Those are just a few topic ideas to begin our conversation. I don’t give the same speech twice, so a custom creation is yours for the taking!)

Kristen completely blew everyone's mind at the last Real Life conference, by making them think for themselves. There was not a dry eye in the crowd. I cannot imagine this conference without her there again.

I take on 3 speaking gigs a year — and I’ve got 1 left for 2017.

(I’ll be speaking at Way Up North in Sweden and the Real Life Conference in Canada.)

Hop on that contact form and tell me how you see us working together. (Also, serious question: is confetti outlawed at your venue?)

I give good interview.

Listen in on one of three interviews with Andrew Hellmich’s Photobizx podcast for photographers hereHow to get paid and stay creative, get the best portrait photography sales, and brand your business the right way.

“I listened to your interview with Andrew Hellmich (PhotoBizX Podcast) at 1am this morning, and just kept whispering that you are my spirit animal. My husband was growing concerned and finally asked why I keep saying that, and who am I talking about… So I unplugged my headphones and let him listen. And he agreed. So now I am convinced you and I may be long lost sisters from another mister.” — Ashleigh Raddatz

Joanna Platt and I talk joy, vulnerability, being brave, and peeling back the endless layers of your own onion in this interview on the Love, Jo podcast.

Holly Worton and I throw down about all things self-expression and finding your greatest gifts in the Ready to Bloom podcast here.

I’ll help you go deeply spiritual and find your spirit animal with Beryl Young on the Recapture Self podcast right here.

I’ll talk being brave, spiritual progress, and all things coming alive after burning your business to the ground with Christine Petty in the Free Her Spirit podcast here.

Want to interview me?

Just lemme know what you do, what you’d like to talk about, and how you found me in the first place, and we’re on our way to making magic: k@kristenkalp.com!


P.S.  The That’s What She Said podcast is worthy of a listen if you want to explore my speaking a bit more. 😉