The F--- Yah Club by Kristen Kalp

Oh, hi!

The Fuck Yah Club is here to help you remember that life gets exponentially better when you hold out for the people and projects that draw a “Fuck yah” from your lips without hesitation — instead of settling for the ‘eh’s or the ‘whatever’s or the ‘I guess this is as good as it get’s.

We believe in holding out for the best life has to offer and in bringing our most terrifying-yet-joyful work to fruitionEvery single day.

Membership includes a secret library full of goodies!

Things like:

+ A full digital copy of Change the World, Dammit!: pinpoint, plan, and profit from your next adventure
+ Excerpts of my books, Introverts at Work: selling and marketing alternatives for Quiet entrepreneurs and Calling to the Deep: business as a spiritual practice
+ The Feeling Feels kit for empaths and sensitive souls like myself
+ The first two sessions of M-School, my Magic School for Entrepreneurs

It’s free — but please don’t join just because it’s free! I refuse to be the cause of your inbox constipation.

Join because you’re ready to whisper “Fuck yah” to the bigger, more alive you that’s waiting to greet you on the other side.

I’ll hook you up with all the freebies and send you a single weekly e-mail to let you know about my newest writings and podcast episodes.   (Also, GIFs. There will be GIFs.)

Want to see what people say about my newsletter — and the original missives that inspired each comment?

This is EVERYTHING I needed to hear right now. I can’t thank you enough for this.

This is my favorite email subject line ever.

OMFG! Needed to see that!

Thank you for being the voice of the power of quiet action.

Wow. Have to save this. One of my favorite emails ever.

I really REALLY fucking love this. Thank you for sharing.

I needed this message, right now, today and cried while reading it.

I love this story so much. <3

You have the best emails ever. I always look forward to opening something from you.

I adore your emails.  Period.  Adore them.

OK, so I never ever want to bother anyone so even though I have found such great little insights in your work over the years, this is the first time I’ve taken you up on your ‘no, really, email me’ because HOLY CRAP OMG that poem is ALL OF THE FEELS and so needed and appreciated.

…aaaand that time I admitted that I heart Justin Trudeau: Gross. Truly? GROSS. Unsubscribing.