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I loooooooooove doing interviews with peeps near and far!

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Listen in on Being Boss as I talk bravery, turning up the volume on yourself, why the six-figure launch is *not* the best thing I’ve ever done for my business, and how to separate your worth as a human from your work in the world.

Check out this interview on the Healers podcast in which Elizabeth and I talk states of flow, the three threads, your worth versus your work, and the ‘T’ word.

Tune into Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antoinette when I talk at length about my depression, being brave, and keeping myself small.  (It worked out well — until it didn’t.)

Check out any one of four interviews with Andrew Hellmich’s Photobizx podcast for photographers hereHow to get paid and stay creative, get the best portrait photography sales, and brand your business the right way.  Also there’s the time I quit Facebook and Andrew wanted to know all about it.

“I listened to your interview with Andrew Hellmich (PhotoBizX Podcast) at 1am this morning, and just kept whispering that you are my spirit animal. My husband was growing concerned and finally asked why I keep saying that, and who am I talking about… So I unplugged my headphones and let him listen. And he agreed. So now I am convinced you and I may be long lost sisters from another mister.” — Ashleigh Raddatz

Joanna Platt and I talk joy, vulnerability, being brave, and peeling back the endless layers of your own onion in this interview on the Love, Jo podcast.  I returned to talk tenderness, receiving, and intuition on this episode.

Jen Vertanen and I go all in on breathwork, depression, and pink hair on the Going There podcast.

Holly Worton and I throw down about all things self-expression and finding your greatest gifts in the Ready to Bloom podcast here.

I’ll help you go deeply spiritual and find your spirit animal with Beryl Young on the Recapture Self podcast right here.

Wendy Reese and I talk bravery on the Whole Being Zone podcast.

I’ll talk being brave, spiritual progress, and all things coming alive after burning your business to the ground with Christine Petty in the Free Her Spirit podcast here.

Failure, success, divorce, throwing out the rules, and getting vulnerable are all covered in Allie Siarto’s Photo Field Notes podcast right here.

Josh Solar and I talk permission, breathwork, and alignment on the Encourage Somebody podcast.

Want to interview me?

Just lemme know what you do, what you’d like to talk about, and how you found me in the first place, and boom!  We’re on our way to making magic.  Shoot an e-mail to and we’re good to go.

(NO REALLY.  Talk to me.)

P.S.  Want to meet some people I really love?  You got it.  Meet Tara Leaver, Nick McArthur, Sarah Von Bargen, Aimee Derbes, Kim Anami, and Branden Harvey.