Kim Anami on becoming a well-fucked woman. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Kim Anami on becoming a well-fucked woman.

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Growing up as a devout Catholic, I took sex to be something I would do once I was married. I wouldn’t necessarily enjoy it, and I wouldn’t think about it too often until then. Case closed.

That ignoring tactic worked really well until I wanted to have sex. The decrees you internalize when you’re eight, ten, and twelve are no match for the feelings cascading through your body once you hit puberty.

I stuffed all those desires down like the good girl I was.

I got through high school without so much as a single kiss because obviously I was far above the needs of mere mortals and horny teenagers. (Also I was completely disconnected from my body.)

I was years into a relationship before I finally rounded all the sexual bases.

When I got married, it was to the safest guy I’d ever met, and also to a guy I had very little sexual chemistry with, so it wasn’t long before monthly sex became quarterly sex became ‘Okay, our *goal* is to have quarterly sex.’ I blamed myself for this turn of events and sunk deeper into an ‘I’m broken’ sort of despair.

I even thought I was asexual for a while.

Then I found Kim Anami.

Her Well-Fucked Woman salon shifted me into a world where I was capable of taking delight in myself and in pleasure, with or without a partner. I did the jade egg practice, I massaged my body slowly and with great love, I got down with my bad self, and I took up every challenge in the course with great enthusiasm.

IT WAS AWESOME. (I still didn’t want to do my husband. But the class was awesome.)

Today, I’m interviewing the brilliant and rebellious Kim Anami, and together we dive deeply into feminine sexuality in the present day.

Brilliant = helping women see themselves and their bodies in an entirely different, freeing light

Rebellious = she’s got 102k Instagram followers who follow #thingsIliftwithmyvagina

I hope you’ll listen whether you’re having no sex, all the sex, or just a little sex; whether you’re partnered or single; and whether you’re eighteen or eighty.

The world needs more well-fucked women.

Let Kim help you get there with this free video series.  (And before you’re like, OH NO, KRISTEN, NOT A FREE VIDEO SERIES — just Kim’s free freaking newsletter has caused breakthroughs and tears and a-has in my world.  This is good shit.)

In this interview, we’re talking:

  • how to tune into your body even if you avoid being in it on any given day
  • the three kinds of sexual conditioning that work against women everywhere, all the time
  • viewing sexual energy as life force energy to fuel your creative endeavors
  • the three kinds of orgasms (yup, THREE), and why you need all of ’em to thrive
  • the importance of reclaiming sex as medicine
  • the kegel myth and why modern kegels are useless
  • the dangers of shutting off from your body
  • the FUKME epidemic that’s rampant around the world, and how to get rid of it 😉

Enjoy our conversation!

Take a look at the Well-Fucked Woman video series.



P.S.  Feeling disconnected from your physical being?  Hate having a body?  The long journey to the body parts one and two are just for you.  (Oh, and fuck shame.)