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Get. Bigger. (That’s what she said.)

In this interview with Nick McArthur, we talk all about the ways we make ourselves small (and smaller still) in order to fit in with the world, and how to begin reversing that pattern.

“We know what the world wants from us. We know we must decide whether to stay small, quiet, and uncomplicated or allow ourselves to grow as big, loud, and complex as we were made to be. Every girl must decide whether to be true to herself or true to the world. Every girl must decide whether to settle for adoration or fight for love.” — Glennon Doyle

I could give you a bullet-pointed list of the things we cover, or you could just trust me and listen ’cause Nick is brilliant, witty, wise, and sure to get you ballsier every time you lend him your ear.

We’re sick of seeing women play small, put themselves last, and get passed over for mediocre white men all over the damn place.

We want to live in a world where women a.) don’t hesitate to sell their work at a fair price and b.) advocate for their own time and well being without apologizing.

Ballsy helps you do reverse the patterns that keep you small, exhausted, underpaid, and stressed the fuck out.

Go download the Ballsy Session One audio and workbook!

P.S.  You’re not crazy.

Wanna sell more work? Get Ballsy.

YOU’RE AMAZING!!! For the month of June, we donated $819 to Together Rising through the big book and breathwork sale! I just cried in a coffee shop while typing in the credit card info.

YOU. INSPIRE. ME. (Also you’ve given me a reason to use a Chris Pratt GIF, so thank you/you’re welcome.)

chris pratt GIFYou’re helping to reunite families at the border, and you can *keep* doing it through this Friday — sale details live here. A student who just finished the Space e-mail class reported, “I was using my phone 5-6 hours on average at the beginning of the class and now I average 1-2 hours a day. Huge drop! I feel like I have so much more internal space.”

Wanna use your phone 66% less? Pick up Space here.

Second: can we talk about making a better world?

I want to live in a world where women a.) don’t hesitate to sell their work at a fair price and b.) advocate for their own time and well-being without apologizing.

(Key words: without. apologizing.)

It frustrates me when I see women putting in endless hours on their businesses to end up with no real return on that investment. (I’m talking spiritual, emotional, or financial returns — nothing. Nadda. Zip.)

Further, I’m all too familiar with stories of women fighting for scraps of business time after they’ve taken care of household chores, partners, pets, coworkers, kids, ailing family members, employees, and/or the next door neighbor’s house plants while they’re on vacation. (Not even Flight of the Conchords ‘business time’ — actual real world business-y business time.)

I want you to have a profitable, life-giving business — and the clear boundaries that come with it.

That’s why I’ve created Ballsy with my friend/colleague/raddest human Nick McArthur!

Ballsy is an online course to help you sell more work with less frustration (and hesitation!).

Nick and I will help you do the inner work required to sell more products and services. Inner work, like dig around in your own beliefs and habits, identify what’s holding you back, and then toss out whatever no longer serves you. This isn’t just RAISE YOUR PRICES AND THEN GO CRUSH IT advice.

In the words of Ballsy student Lauren Van Mullem:

“Ballsy takes a very different perspective on business – it’s not ‘how to run business like a dude;’ it’s more like how to get past the bullshit we’ve been brought up thinking is normal so we can do business like the brilliant women we are. And that message is very. Much. Needed.”

Listen in on Ballsy session one, titled You’re Not Crazy:

You can absolutely-positively-I-freaking-promise learn to sell your work without apology or hesitation. You don’t have to give your work away, undercharge for it, or make up discounts on the spot.

BUT you’ll have to be Ballsy to get there.

It all begins July 16th!

👉🏻 Alllll the details here.

Buy your spot in the Ballsy online course right here for 3 monthly payments of $133.

See you on the other side, where we’ll start the Make Your Money Back Challenge! YUP we want you to start by making your money back before we even get started.



TL;DR In the first session of Ballsy, we’ll cover how the course came to be, as well as:

+ Male privilege: it’s a thing. Let’s talk about what that means for those who identify as female.

+ Differences between being male and female in the world (from Nick, who’s lived as both)

+ Differences between selling as a male and female in the world (from Kristen, who’s ghostwritten and subsequently sold millions as both)

+ 3 ways to get ballsier right this instant

chris pratt GIF #2Read more about it. Then join us.

SALE *and* 50% of proceeds go to Together Rising

You know that thing where you stand by and feel helpless but then decide, NO, dammit, you’re NOT helpless, and surely you can do *something*?  This is my something.

50% of the proceeds collected from the sale of these items through July 6th, 2018 will be donated to Together Rising.  Let’s raise some massive dollars because #familiesbelongtogether and concentration camps aren’t okay.  Period.

Quick links!

📱 1-hour consulting call (3 available, regularly $699) // buy for $199
👩🏻‍🚀 Space 21-day e-mail class to break up with your phone details // buy for $69
📚 Introverts at Work: selling & marketing alternatives for Quiet entrepreneurs details // buy for $15.75
📗 Go Your Own Way: free yourself from business as usual details // buy for $15.75
📘 Calling to the Deep: business as a spiritual practice details // buy for $15.75
📙 All the Selves I Used to Be: 69 poems from 1999-2016 details // buy for $13.35
🔆 Breathwork for Overachievers *LIVE* class June 28th at 7pm ET details // buy for $22

Need more details?  You got ’em!


Best for: reconnecting with your own depths and your truest self

Breathwork is one part lying down and two parts breathing while a teacher like myself walks you through the process. It sounds *so* simple, but it’s the most powerful form of healing I’ve ever done.

It helps me work through alllllllllll my emotions (plus every last news article, social media comment, political stunt, and stint of gross weather) without totally and completely melting down. In about an hour, with no side effects, no drugs, and no leaving the house! Work on your ability to receive, your ability to feel joy — particularly if you have depression, or quieting that overachieving voice in your brain.

⚡️ The next *live* breathwork class goes down on June 28th, details + sign up hereShoot me an e-mail to tell me if you’d like a bonus recording of the Receive or All the Joy class when you sign up!


Best for: breaking up with your phone so you can do things you used to love but say you no longer have time for.

This 21-day e-mail class uses simple, totally doable daily tasks delivered by e-mail to help you remember life before your smartphone. Each message contains a to-do, a GIF, and science to back up whatever it is I’m asking you to do. Many tasks have the opportunity for extra credit, too, because overachieving is a thing I understand. 😉

The entire program is 21 days, but just 10 days in and I’m already seeing my phone and social media usage time drop dramatically. And the thing is? I really don’t even miss it that much! I’m more present with my husband during our evenings, and I actually have free time again to work on projects or crafts. I’m literally becoming a better human. — Alicia Bruce

⚡️Pick it up for $69, with 50% of proceeds going to Together Rising

SALE! Go Your Own Way

Best for: handling allllll the business basics without cookie-cutter boring AF advice.

If you’re in the first few years of running a business, you’ve likely spent thousands of hours Googling advice for your every problem. Most of it is completely useless, and even the parts that appear to be useful have induced exhausted eyes-glazed-over snoring again and again.

What if you could learn the basics of business and implement simple, effective strategies for making more money without being bored to tears or looking exactly like everyone else?

That’s what Go Your Own Way is here to do. Allll the details here.

⚡️ Pick it up in digital form for $49.99 $15.75, with 50% of proceeds donated to Together Rising!

SALE! Calling to the Deep

Best for: intense introspection and overcoming all the ‘WTF am I doing!!!!?’ feels.

If you feel more and more like being in business is WAY harder than mastering a few marketing tricks, making some products, and then raking in the dough…welcome.

Business is a spiritual practice, and the art of bringing your gifts to the world is one that requires skill, risk, and vulnerability in seemingly endless supply. I’ll help you walk through the difficult-yet-rewarding work of guiding your business in a meaningful yet profitable direction.

See allllll the details here. Grab the first 50 pages here.

⚡️ Get the digital version for $19.69 $15.75, with 50% of proceeds donated to Together Rising!

SALE! Introverts at Work: selling and marketing alternatives for Quiet entrepreneurs

Best for: building your business without attending a single network event. 😉

It may seem like being an introvert and being in business are polar opposites, but there are many ways your Quiet-with-a-capital-Q nature works to your advantage when selling and marketing.

I’ll walk you through those advantages and help you share them with your potential and present customers throughout the book. (Bonus: each chapter ends with a dare to make an additional $1,000 using the methods outlined.)

Allll the details here. Grab the first 50 pages here.

⚡️ Nab the digital version for $19.69 $15.75, with 50% of proceeds donated to Together Rising!

SALE! All the Selves I Used to Be

Best for: experiencing life’s biggest issues in 20 lines or less.

This is a collection of 69 poems written from 1999-2016, brought together to represent the good, the bad, and the ugly about coming of age with the internet, before the word ‘Millennial’ existed, before iPhones had been created, before the claws of social media got their talons into everyone. When there was love and losing it, consumerism and railing against it; finding the voice strongest within you and silencing it for far too long.

Get the first 20 poems here.

⚡️ Grab your copy of the print version for $16.69, or pick up the digital version for $16.69 $13.35, with 50% of proceeds donated to Together Rising!

P.S.  THANK YOU for your massive support, today and every day!