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Talk to me!

I know you’ve got a complex about ‘bothering’ people!  Please reach out anyway.

You might even have a secret draft of an e-mail waiting to tell me things.  Of course you’re afraid of being vulnerable with another human you’ve technically never met!  And…

I would actually like to hear from you.

YOU, podcast listener who has ideas or suggestions or wants to say ‘hey’ or ‘thanks’ or tell me a story.

YOU, tiny-business owner who’s trying your damnedest to do ALL THE THINGS by yourself.

YOU, person who’s trying out breathwork and has a question.

YOU, lovely human who’s trying to make phone boundaries and you’ve got a victory to report or a question to ask.

I’m reachable at, or you can fill out the form below.

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P.S. Another important fact:

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