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That’s What She Said! The greatest podcast ever.

In That’s What She Said, I’ll help you make more magic, meaning, and money while swearing up a storm.  Most only-me episodes are under fifteen minutes, while interviews ring in at about an hour.  I typically send these out as part of the Fuck Yah club e-mails so you never miss an episode, too!

Fresh episodes hit on Tuesdays.  Get started by picking an episode below!

165: Stop the Overwhelm.


163: Tell on Yourself.

162: The Sparkle Game

161: ‘That’s just the way it is’ and other lies.

160: Get. Bigger. with Nick McArthur

159: You’re Not Crazy.  Ballsy Session One.

158: Big Questions for Deeply Feeling Humans

157: Alicia Bruce talks steering her ship.

156: Market Your Magic Part II // M-School #7

155: Market Your Magic // M-School #6

154: Make Meaning // M-School #5

153: Embrace the Mystery // M-School #4

152: Heal the Horcruxes // M-School #3

151: Deal with Dementors // M-School #2

150: Stop drinking the 🦄 blood. // M-School #1

149: Aimee Derbes is here to heal.

148: How to sell: a bare bones reference guide for humans

147: Why I *really* spend less time with screens these days.

146: How to break up with busy (and your 📱, too)

145: Nicole Antoinette will make you do impossible things.

144: Anna Kunnecke will help you take back your life.

143: How to actually enjoy being human and thrive as an empath.

142: Kristin Saylor is unboxable.

141: How to find, refine, and actually USE your voice (Extended Edition)

140: Talking and Crying // what’s really going on with me

139: Sensing the Sparkle // Extended Edition *****BEST OF

If you haven’t had the chance to listen to her sassy, yet soothing voice in her That’s What She Said podcast, I can say with complete confidence that you are missing out.  Kristen’s voice and wisdom have kept me sane on my hour-long commutes back and forth to work — and I end up learning so much about myself and my passion with every new episode. — Rachel Neal in The Yellow Collective magazine

138: Vulnerability 101 — how to stop hiding your work and be seen by the people who matter.

137: Coming out of the spiritual closet.

136: Show your work.

135: Silence, stillness, and space.

134: Joy and clothing.  (Why I dress like a 4-year-old.)

133: Note to Self.

132: Do you have a moment to talk about your groceries.

131: Coping 101.

130: How to hermit without breaking your life.

129: The four kinds of tired (and how they affect you).

128: What, therefore, should we do?  The most helpful question ever.

127: Turn down the overwhelm, turn up the sales with Nick McArthur.

126: Get picky.

125: Joy is an act of resistance.

124: When you’re sure you’re not enough and you’ll never be enough…

123: Kim Anami on How to Be a Well-Fucked Woman.

122: How to find, refine, and actually use your voice.

121: You deserve it.

120: 3 ways to get a harder working website with Tiny Blue Orange.

119: Intuition 101, Sensing the Sparkle.

118: Talking Money and Happiness with Sarah Von Bargen.

117: Painting and the art-making process with Tara Leaver.

Overwhelmed by all these episodes? Here are my top 10 picks.

116: What to do when strangers are mean to you on the internet.

115: I quit Facebook, and then THIS happened.

114: Let out your meows.

113: Let’s talk about goals, baby…

112: Tips and tricks for people who feel too much.

111: Dammit, I Cried: in conversation with Branden Harvey.

110: Reclaiming the soul. (i.e. How and why to quit Facebook/social media).

109: Serve the poet goddess inside you and also accept the wealth that is available to you, homegirl.

108: Stop the overwhelm.

107: I have a tough time with tenderness.

106: Morgan Day Cecil and the journey to feminine wholeness.

105: How to get to anywhere you want to go. *****BEST OF*****

104: The long journey to the body, part two.

103: The long journey to the body.

102: The hard work of being here. [Eyes Closed Edition]

101: Don’t store a mouse in your mouth & other vital rules.

100: Stay on it. (That’s What She Said.)

99: Aspiring beam of light with Natalie Moser.

98: Being brave with Nick McArthur.

97: How to be brave in business.

96: Your brain is (still) an asshole.

95: How to use your dollars to shape the world.

94: Stop Self Sabotage. (Extended edition — this is an hour-long class.) *****BEST OF*****

93: The Crab Bucket is bullshit. (You’re probably in one now.)

92: How to deal with emotional bullies and similar nonsense.

91: How to be 8 kinds of brave.

Overwhelmed by all these episodes? Here are my top 10 picks.

90: The opposite of resolutions.

89: Your Legacy. (Eyes Closed Edition)

88: How to plan your next 6 months.

87: We don’t let the darkness win.

86: There is no next level.

85: How to give overwhelm the finger.

84: Kitten versus elephant.

83: Crotch marbles.

82: Give it 20 minutes.

81: 6 lessons from burning Brand Camp down.

80: Note to self.

79: The 6-people principle.  *****BEST OF*****

78: How to defeat your depressionA working theory.

77: The word ‘welcome.’

76: Brave or scared? YUP.

75: 3 Feet from the cliff.

74: The map of knowing.

73: The love hate thing.  (Or, why hate mail is the freaking BEST sometimes.  Really.)

72: Burning it down.

71: The tender-hearted guide to big, big change.


69: Embrace your defaults.

68: Doing your part.

67: Fences and overkill.

66: How to stop an idea tornado.  *****BEST OF*****

65: 3 ways to love marketing — for real, for real.

64: Making space for money.

63: Making space for learning shiz.

62: Making space for not giving a fuck.

61: Making space for e-mail.

60: An urgent reminder for when you forget.

59: The excruciating pain of asking for what you want.

58: What to do when it all goes off the rails.

57: Find your spirit animal! (Eyes closed edition)  *****BEST OF*****

56: 6 ways to keep going (and 1 way to quit)

55: Steady work (i.e. the opposite of your work going viral)

54: Magic vs. Muggle: the struggle is real

Overwhelmed by all these episodes? Here are my top 10 picks.

53: What if you already know?

52: Boundaries are the best thing EVER.

51: Enough-ness.

50: Humans of New York, I am not.

49: Resilience and Grit with Leila Chambers, founder of Flying Kites

48: The 3 types of business time 😉  *****BEST OF*****

47: Magic often feels like broken.

46: How to really freaking hardcore love yourself.

45: A whole new game.

44: In which pink hair brings me closer to God.

43: The art of having enough

42: You’re not the boss of me!

41: Who’s afraid of the big bad basement?

40: Everything I know about magic.

39: Don’t drink the unicorn blood (and put down that horcrux).  *****BEST OF*****

38: I kinda hope no one listens to this one.

37: Let’s get personal…personal…

36: How to write a book.

35: Depression and running a business

34: Foreboding joy and the snorkel factor

33: Coming out of the magical closet.

Overwhelmed by all these episodes? Here are my top 10 picks.

32: Money blocks aren’t your problem.

31: Your brain is an asshole. *****BEST OF*****

30: The pain of turning it down.

29: The Adultopus and the Muse *****BEST OF*****

28: For the photographers: how to sell your portraits in person.

27: The waterfall, the bucket, and big magic.

26: You are called to expand.

25: For those dreams that will not die.

24: “But I’m not an artist” with Jeanette Leblanc

23: Seeing it all differently and going a bit woo (Eyes Closed Edition)

22: How to give fear the finger.

21: Write the perfect bio in no time flat.

20: “I hate talking about my work” with Jenny Stein

19: Worshipping at the Altar of Busy

18: “I’m not very good at taking care of myself.”

17: Find Your Voice: push, pull, and practicality

16: Find Your Voice: so hard it hurts

15: Find Your Voice: everyone is not for everyone

14: Find Your Voice: how to not give a fuck *****BEST OF*****

13: Information overload (and overlords)

12: Get out of your own way.

11: Reading Rainbow: Go Your Own Way

10: The thing behind the thing.

9: Pay Me, Dammit! 7 exercises to make money appear. *****BEST OF*****

8: Morgan Day Cecil on finding your calling

7: When you feel like a fraud.

6: Introverts only: biz-building without jazz hands

5: Input, output, and getting way more done. *****BEST OF*****

4: “Should I get a real job?” and other conundrums.

3: Moving through fear and all the other feels

2: Depression and running a business

1: Website traffic and why they’re not buying.

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