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That’s What She Said! The greatest podcast ever.

The That’s What She Said podcast will help you make more money and meaning in your life without asking you to ‘crush it,’ to ‘hustle,’ to work toward the ‘next level,’ or to refer to everything you make as ‘content.’

Not a business owner?  I also aim to make your/our/everyone’s feelings mentionable and manageable. I’m 1000% honest and vulnerable so you feel less alone as you go about your days.

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297: In my IDGAF era (and the release of Goldenswift Jewelry!)

296: Reporting from Toothpaste (and by toothpaste I mean burnout)

295: Rob Bell is in the house!

294: The Wall of NO. (Innermost event = canceled)

290, 291, 292, 293: Taboo Time with Rachel Clifton!

289: Navigating Business With Ease // The Innermost Curriculum

288: The Innermost is HERE!

287: The Erin Clarke Poetry Hour!

286: UnGoodGirl: Money skills and feels

285: The Good, The Bad, and The Binary

284: Bruce Report #2 // PURE JOY SPAM, BABY!

283: Love Letter for Amy // 3 poems about grief

282: I should be further along by now. (exposing good girl bullshit)

281: 🎸 The Bruce Report (1/6)

280: Doom and Gloom 🙄🧐🥺😬

279: The Internals + Putting mom in the ground

278: The Innermost (a wrestling)

277: The Deeper Dive 🐋

276: 🎸☠️ 🧙🏻‍♀️The Holy Bumble — in which I share FUCKING DEVASTATING news and what I’m going to do about it.

275: Places The Patriarchy is Still Strong Within Me (And probably you too, dammit)

274: How to make it to work each morning.

273: Confessions! What if I’m not an Expert?

272: The Worst Advice I’ve Ever Taken ❤️‍🩹

271: The Social Media Sermon

270: Confessions! The Urgency of NOW and Crushing It

269: Confessions! Weak Ties and the Everything Bagel

268: Confessions! The Damage and the Dare

267: Confessions! The Shame and the Not-Useful

266: Confessions! The Tumor and The Witness.

265: Confessions! On Crying and Joy Infections

264: Confessions! Starving Souls and Lotto Tickets

263: Confessions: Covid and the 💩 Birthday Party

262: Lower the bar.

261: Identify your pandemic pattern.

260: What’s tripping you up?

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259: You don’t have to earn your keep.

258: Pandemic, Year 3.

257: Connie Vanderzanden talks all the SCARY BUSINESS NUMBERS

256: Dream bigger.

255: The Other Side ::poems::

254: Any Given Tuesday and Secrets ::poems::

253: Define ‘Enough’ and Followup ::poems::

252: The Mental Health Pep Talk

251: Resting Bitch Voice. (asshole brain!)

250: Square Zero.

249: The Absence and The Presence.

Live #003: Don’t You Dare Settle for Fine.

248: I’m fine. It’s fine. Everything is fine.

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247: Build invisible alliances.

246: Marie Phillips talks creaing your own midlife crisis. 😬📖

245: Energy is your friend.

244: Money is your friend.

243: Time is your friend.

242: Coaching Quickie: start a No Collection.

241: Laura Holway talks processes to make your biz life WAY less stressy.

LIVE podcast #002: The Reclaiming!

240: Beth Pickens talks Time, Fear, and Asking for artists

239: When you realize you’ve made a mistake. 🕸

238: Katherine North is a Holy Heathen.

LIVE podcast #001!

237: Bear Hebert talks capitalism, ANTI-capitalism, and space for imagination

236: Secret tool alert! Meet…scope of work.

235: Let’s talk bunker mode.

234: I love you, keep going.

233: An Invitation to Let Your Deep Knowing Drive the Bus (and Money Fruits)

232: Urgent Joy.

231: Let’s talk 2020.

230: How to Build Everyday Fundraising into Your Business

229: Have to, Get to, and Square One.

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228: Own Your Gifts Overcoming Asshole Brain #4

227: If you ain’t got haters… Overcoming Asshole Brain #3

226: Joy is Not Canceled. Overcoming Asshole Brain #2

225: Interrupt the pattern. Overcoming Asshole Brain #1

224: Anatomy of a Vulnerability

223: Unlearning productivity: please don’t get study-sick.

222: You are not ‘inessential.’

221: You can turn your phone off. (GAH how did I forget?)

220: You do not have to join Team Panic.

219: How to breathe through PANIC with Josh Solar.

218: How to experiment.

217: How to update your emotional operating system.

216: Own your woo.

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215: Structure That Doesn’t Suck, Part 5 (The end, ta-daa!)

214: Structure That Doesn’t Suck, Part 4

213: Structure That Doesn’t Suck, Part 3

212: Structure That Doesn’t Suck, Part 2

211: Structure That Doesn’t Suck, Part 1

210: Steady and Experimental Income

209: Finding Your Enough Number.

208: How to overcome perfectionism and just keep shipping.

207: The Fine Art of Saying No.

206: 10 ways to stop overwhelm as a business owner, fast.

205: Healing doesn’t always hurt.

204: The Quietly Subversive 3-Hour Work Day.

203: Nourishing or numbing?

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202: Hiding isn’t the answer.

201: How to *Actually* Change the Whole Damn World.

200: Softness is the secret.

199: Your shame is not interesting.

198: Kiwi of Craft Boner talks letting your freak flag fly.

197: The case for intimacy.

196: It doesn’t count if you don’t enjoy it.*****BEST OF

195: Bear Hebert on Capitalism, Abundance, and Having Enough.

194: Sarah Von Bargen talks money without making you want to puke.

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193: The Sex Episode.

192: The Cannabis Episode.

191: There’s no substitute for being seen.

190: This might take a while. *****BEST OF

189: I hate having a coach.

188: How to find your voice when it’s gone missing.

187: How to find the next right step.

186: Pamela Bates on making art and tooting your own horn.

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185: Sometimes ‘not this’ is clear enough. // Voice 6

184: Brave is just another word for Vulnerable. // Voice 5

183: Nice and kind are not the same. // Voice 4

182: How to take time off. // Voice 3

181: What do your work and worth have to do with your VOICE? // Voice 2

180: Your Work is Not Your Worth // Voice 1

179: How to Clear Energy and Plan for the Year Ahead

178: Beth Pickens knows Your Art Will Save Your Life

177: This is *also* part of it.

176: This is part of it.

175: The personal and the political.

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174: So This is The End with Alexandra Franzen

173: Why breathwork?

172: How to lose 100 pounds in about an hour.

171: Tiny, annoying progress.

170: How to Fucking Communicate: An Introduction. <— BEST OF

169: Let’s Talk Money with Hey Berna

168: Find Your Rhythm.

167: Shape Your Business Life.

166: Choose the Important.

165: Stop the Overwhelm.


163: Tell on Yourself.

162: The Sparkle Game

161: ‘That’s just the way it is’ and other lies.

160: Get. Bigger. with Nick McArthur

159: You’re Not Crazy. Ballsy Session One.

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158: Big Questions for Deeply Feeling Humans

157: Alicia Bruce talks steering her ship.

156: Market Your Magic Part II // M-School #7

155: Market Your Magic // M-School #6

154: Make Meaning // M-School #5

153: Embrace the Mystery // M-School #4

152: Heal the Horcruxes // M-School #3

151: Deal with Dementors // M-School #2

150: Stop drinking the ? blood. // M-School #1

149: Aimee Derbes is here to heal.

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148: How to sell: a bare bones reference guide for humans

147: Why I *really* spend less time with screens these days.

146: How to break up with busy (and your ?, too)

145: Nicole Antoinette will make you do impossible things.

144: Anna Kunnecke will help you take back your life.

143: How to actually enjoy being human and thrive as an empath.

142: Kristin Saylor is unboxable.

141: How to find, refine, and actually USE your voice (Extended Edition)

140: Talking and Crying // what’s really going on with me

139: Sensing the Sparkle // Extended Edition *****BEST OF

If you haven’t had the chance to listen to her sassy, yet soothing voice in her That’s What She Said podcast, I can say with complete confidence that you are missing out. Kristen’s voice and wisdom have kept me sane on my hour-long commutes back and forth to work — and I end up learning so much about myself and my passion with every new episode. — Rachel Neal in The Yellow Collective magazine

138: Vulnerability 101 — how to stop hiding your work and be seen by the people who matter.

137: Coming out of the spiritual closet.

136: Show your work.

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135: Silence, stillness, and space.

134: Joy and clothing. (Why I dress like a 4-year-old.)

133: Note to Self.

132: Do you have a moment to talk about your groceries.

131: Coping 101.

130: How to hermit without breaking your life.

129: The four kinds of tired (and how they affect you).

128: What, therefore, should we do? The most helpful question ever.

127: Turn down the overwhelm, turn up the sales with Nick McArthur.

126: Get picky.

125: Joy is an act of resistance.

124: When you’re sure you’re not enough and you’ll never be enough…

123: Kim Anami on How to Be a Well-Fucked Woman.

122: How to find, refine, and actually use your voice.

121: You deserve it.

120: 3 ways to get a harder working website with Tiny Blue Orange.

119: Intuition 101, Sensing the Sparkle.

118: Talking Money and Happiness with Sarah Von Bargen.

117: Painting and the art-making process with Tara Leaver.

Overwhelmed by all these episodes? Here are my top 10 picks.

116: What to do when strangers are mean to you on the internet.

115: I quit Facebook, and then THIS happened.

114: Let out your meows.

113: Let’s talk about goals, baby…

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112: Tips and tricks for people who feel too much.

111: Dammit, I Cried: in conversation with Branden Harvey.

110: Reclaiming the soul. (i.e. How and why to quit Facebook/social media).

109: Serve the poet goddess inside you and also accept the wealth that is available to you, homegirl.

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108: Stop the overwhelm.

107: I have a tough time with tenderness.

106: Morgan Day Cecil and the journey to feminine wholeness.

105: How to get to anywhere you want to go. *****BEST OF*****

104: The long journey to the body, part two.

103: The long journey to the body.

102: The hard work of being here. [Eyes Closed Edition]

101: Don’t store a mouse in your mouth & other vital rules.

100: Stay on it. (That’s What She Said.)

99: Aspiring beam of light with Natalie Moser.

98: Being brave with Nick McArthur.

97: How to be brave in business.

96: Your brain is (still) an asshole.

95: How to use your dollars to shape the world.

94: Stop Self Sabotage. (Extended edition — this is an hour-long class.) *****BEST OF*****

93: The Crab Bucket is bullshit. (You’re probably in one now.)

92: How to deal with emotional bullies and similar nonsense.

91: How to be 8 kinds of brave.

Overwhelmed by all these episodes? Here are my top 10 picks.

90: The opposite of resolutions.

89: Your Legacy. (Eyes Closed Edition)

88: How to plan your next 6 months.

87: We don’t let the darkness win.

86: There is no next level.

85: How to give overwhelm the finger.

84: Kitten versus elephant.

83: Crotch marbles.

82: Give it 20 minutes.

81: 6 lessons from burning Brand Camp down.

80: Note to self.

79: The 6-people principle. *****BEST OF*****

78: How to defeat your depression. A working theory.

77: The word ‘welcome.’

76: Brave or scared? YUP.

75: 3 Feet from the cliff.

74: The map of knowing.

73: The love hate thing. (Or, why hate mail is the freaking BEST sometimes. Really.)

72: Burning it down.

71: The tender-hearted guide to big, big change.


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69: Embrace your defaults.

68: Doing your part.

67: Fences and overkill.

66: How to stop an idea tornado. *****BEST OF*****

65: 3 ways to love marketing — for real, for real.

64: Making space for money.

63: Making space for learning shiz.

62: Making space for not giving a fuck.

61: Making space for e-mail.

60: An urgent reminder for when you forget.

59: The excruciating pain of asking for what you want.

58: What to do when it all goes off the rails.

56: 6 ways to keep going (and 1 way to quit)

55: Steady work (i.e. the opposite of your work going viral)

54: Magic vs. Muggle: the struggle is real

Overwhelmed by all these episodes? Here are my top 10 picks.

53: What if you already know?

52: Boundaries are the best thing EVER.

51: Enough-ness.

50: Humans of New York, I am not.

49: Resilience and Grit with Leila Chambers, founder of Flying Kites

48: The 3 types of business time 😉 *****BEST OF*****

47: Magic often feels like broken.

46: How to really freaking hardcore love yourself.

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45: A whole new game.

44: In which pink hair brings me closer to God.

43: The art of having enough

42: You’re not the boss of me!

41: Who’s afraid of the big bad basement?

40: Everything I know about magic.

39: Don’t drink the unicorn blood (and put down that horcrux). *****BEST OF*****

38: I kinda hope no one listens to this one.

37: Let’s get personal…personal…

36: How to write a book.

35: Depression and running a business

34: Foreboding joy and the snorkel factor

33: Coming out of the magical closet.

Overwhelmed by all these episodes? Here are my top 10 picks.

32: Money blocks aren’t your problem.

31: Your brain is an asshole. *****BEST OF*****

30: The pain of turning it down.

29: The Adultopus and the Muse *****BEST OF*****

28: For the photographers: how to sell your portraits in person.

27: The waterfall, the bucket, and big magic.

26: You are called to expand.

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25: For those dreams that will not die.

24: “But I’m not an artist” with Jeanette Leblanc

23: Seeing it all differently and going a bit woo (Eyes Closed Edition)

22: How to give fear the finger.

21: Write the perfect bio in no time flat.

20: “I hate talking about my work” with Jenny Stein

19: Worshipping at the Altar of Busy

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18: “I’m not very good at taking care of myself.”

17: Find Your Voice: push, pull, and practicality

16: Find Your Voice: so hard it hurts

15: Find Your Voice: everyone is not for everyone

14: Find Your Voice: how to not give a fuck *****BEST OF*****

13: Information overload (and overlords)

12: Get out of your own way.

11: Reading Rainbow: Go Your Own Way

10: The thing behind the thing.

9: Pay Me, Dammit! 7 exercises to make money appear. *****BEST OF*****

8: Morgan Day Cecil on finding your calling

7: When you feel like a fraud.

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6: Introverts only: biz-building without jazz hands

5: Input, output, and getting way more done. *****BEST OF*****

4: “Should I get a real job?” and other conundrums.

3: Moving through fear and all the other feels

2: Depression and running a business

1: Website traffic and why they’re not buying.

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