This is part of it. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

This is part of it.

You know that thing where, once you’ve experienced an event, your brain gets a bit of distance and can safely pretend it was easy the whole time?

Like you were just born winning, and then you nailed it, and after that you crushed it, and then it was a field of victories, trophies, and achievements from there on out?

Yah, this is not that.

I made two podcasts for you — one before the Steer Your Ship retreat, and one after — so I wouldn’t be giving you the #crushingit story without the part where I trampled mums at Trader Joe’s and yelled at Bear and cried in the car and wanted to call the whole thing off. (You know, standard practices of the Winning Is All I Do Club.)

If you have a hard thing coming up and you wonder how you’ll manage? This is for you.

If you’ve ever broken down and wondered how anyone could ever love you, for any reason? YUP.

If you’ve ever survived a thing — and that thing opened you in new and profound ways you couldn’t have anticipated — that’s in these podcasts, too.

It’s all part of it.

The anticipation, the doubt, the weeping, the knowing, the doing, the feeling more alive than before and also more tired than ever before. The both/and.

This is part of it.

Steer Your Ship returns in 2020!

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P.S.  Stop the Overwhelm.  And stop self sabotage while you’re at it.