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In my IDGAF era

Last week I heckled a man with a gun. It’s the PERFECT way to kick off my IDGAF era!

I’ll tell you the story in this episode of That’s What She Said.


Since I started a business 15 years ago, I’ve made things with all of my heart and soul. I’ve cared about every creation so deeply that I could hardly speak about it. I then followed a general pattern of undervaluing my work, beginning to value it, and then pricing myself right out of the market as I gained confidence.

It happened with photography, with ghostwriting, with straight-up writing, and with business coaching over the course of the past 15 years.

Throughout time, I’ve consciously asked: how do I make meaning through the ways that I make money?

For the first time, here’s what I’m doing:

I’m gonna play.
I’m gonna make products.

If they work, great.
If they don’t work, great.

I’m consciously untying money from meaning in 2024.

This translates to creating a number of biz experiments just to see what happens.  Some are private, some are public, some will use my real name, and some a pseudonym.

This is about holding my creations as they relate to capitalism a little more loosely, giving my ideas room to breathe, and reporting back about what I find.

My IDGAF era is for stretching those


I’ve created literal IDGAF jewelry for my new experimental shop, Goldenswift!

These talismans are inspired by Taylor Swift’s use of the word ‘Eras’ to describe life phases.

⚡️ Grab your IDGAF era jewelry at Goldenswift.

P.S. On your own journey to IDGAF, may I suggest creating a NO Collection? 😉

Reporting From Toothpaste (And by toothpaste I mean burnout)

For a number of months there I felt like toothpaste.

You know how, when you have toothpaste and it’s in a tube, you come to the end…

…and then you roll it all the way down until eventually there’s just nothing left.

You don’t have new toothpaste so you’re just desperately pressing on the tube, like. “COME ON, GIMME SOMETHINGGGGG!!!”

But there’s nothing. No matter how hard you squeeze.

That was my life for a number of months last year.  We could call it burnout, but that sounds so clean and easily spotted.  This was trickier.

As much as I was like, “Just squeeze it harder!!!!!,” my method didn’t work.

If you’re doing capitalism in any sort of ongoing way, you’ll have your toothpaste moments when there’s just…nothing left.

This episode of the That’s What She Said podcast is for your toothpaste moments.

How do you navigate from NOTHING to something?
How do you begin to fill your tank if it’s been on E for days or weeks or months or years or decades?
What’s so bad about being the human equivalent of an empty tube of toothpaste?

We’ll get really existential and really practical together in this episode of That’s What She Said.

P.S. Did you see that Rob Bell was in the house recently? Go listen!

Rob Bell is in the house!

Come along with me for a gorgeous conversation about all things grief and joy and life and death and a new novel, Where’d You Park Your Spaceship, with the one and only Rob Bell.

We talk about books and writing (what’s it like to hold a world in your head?), the process of starting over and over and over (how do you JUST KEEP GOING, ROB BELL?), and why Rob’s being bad at ‘parking it’ is a gift to you and me and him and all of us.

I’ve been a fan-but-not-a-stan of Rob’s for 9 years now, and this conversation was pure joy from beginning to end.  The delight in my voice is PALPABLE throughout.

Grab the 1st 100 pages of Where’d You Park Your Spaceship here.  (SPOILER ALERT IF YOU DOWNLOAD THESE PAGES YOU’LL END UP BUYING THE BOOK.)

P.S. ‘Brave’ is just another word for vulnerable.

The Wall of NO (Innermost event = canceled)

I’ve never had an experience like this one.

For 8 months, I cultivated the energy of The Innermost, checking in with it, taking notes, making plans, and generally dreaming it to life. EIGHT. MONTHS.

As it came to the public, with a sales page and affiliates and general marketing, I continued to check in with it daily. There were no sales and lots of ‘no’s and ‘no thank you’s, but certainly that would change, right?

And then last Tuesday, I woke up and there was no energy in the event. None. Where there had been enthusiasm and excitement and YAY LET’S DO THIS, there was simply nothing. Like a weird little void in my heart.

I checked my email and found what I call the Wall of No: dozens of asks, big and small, all responded to with a no of some kind. The California No, the Firm No, the ‘Maybe Later’ No, the ‘This Sounds Great But I Have Plans Already’ no, the ‘Invite Me Next Time’ No…on and on and on. Each no was kind, but complete.

(I’ve encouraged entrepreneurs to build a No Collection for years now. Normally there’s a Yes or 17 on the other side of all those no’s. Not this time, though!)

Past me would have pushed HARDER: maybe there are a few dozen more people I can ask to promote this event! Maybe if I just buy ads/promote harder/send an endless stream of emails/harass the fuck out of my people…!

Truth be told, the pushing sounds exhausting. And with a fresh case of long Covid, I don’t have the energy for the pushing.

So, The Innermost is canceled.

In this episode of That’s What She Said, I’m speaking directly from the place exactly 0% of business owners like to be: the place where your latest project has been canceled and you have absolutely NO idea how the next one will take shape.

Listen in as I walk you through The Land You Hope You’ll Never Visit with humor and as much insight as I can muster.

P.S. When your failproof plan fails…it’s time to let your deep knowing drive the bus. 😉

Taboo Time

When you bring something entirely new to the world, it can be hard to find the words for it.  Further — the FEEL of a live event is difficult to convey via the internets.

The Innermost is as much a devoted space for exploring the taboo as it is an event — which is why Taboo Time was born!

Taboo Time is a brief podcast series featuring conversations about alllll things business taboo.  Rachel Clifton and I talk about the forbidden, the hidden, the invisible, and the ignored in business so you can FEEL what The Innermost will be like in a tangible way.

Softness and revelation? Check.

Deep, meaningful conversation? Check.

The willingness to ‘go there?’ Absolutely.

Listen in as we explore the taboos surrounding women and business 👇🏻

Taboo Time #1: The Lonely.

Between Covid and technological advances, we are far lonelier than we’ve ever been as entrepreneurs.  Worse, most of the time we don’t have safe places to talk about that loneliness — which is why it’s the first topic of Taboo Time. 😉

Taboo Time #2: Showing UP

…in which The Innermost mischief makers Rachel Clifton and myself talk about the fine art of Showing Up, and how very difficult and awkward and terrible that is sometimes. We discuss the standards we set for ourselves around showing up, and how to let more of ourselves be seen on all fronts.

Taboo Time #3: Exploring Softness

…in which the chief mischief makers of The Innermost, Kristen Kalp and Rachel Clifton, talk about all the ways softness can show up, be cultivated, and benefit our lives in myriad ways. (Also why softness is SO FRIGGIN HARD to access in modern day, 2023 culture around the world.)

If you like what you hear, come to The Innermost

The Innermost is a live event this November that will help you identify and then neutralize all the ways conditioning passed down to females makes having a business a.) way harder than it has to be and b.) much less fun.  It’s LIVE because we all know ZOOM AIN’T IT — check it out!

P.S. The Innermost will be way more fun if YOU attend. 😉