The season of the in-between - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

The season of the in-between

I do yoga with a pretty brilliant teacher via Facetime each week. As we ended the other day, she mentioned The Season of the In Between. She says she knows it when she sees it, and I’m in it. Maybe you are, too.

Keep going or give up? Double down or get out while you can? Leave the relationship, the friendship, the deal, the offer, the current way of doing things? Keep trying or pursue a new path?

It’s not easy to sit in a place full of questions, to agree to the uncertainty that comes of waiting for an answer. Because sometimes, the answer is time. You need more information, you need the pain to pass, you need to sell 100 more of the thing before you can make a decision about pulling the plug.

The season of the in between.  (Or worse: square zero!)

It looks different for all of us, but we’ve felt its grip and cursed the vast uncertainty that comes with being alive.

Can’t we get a guarantee that this will work?
Can’t someone, somewhere let us know it will be okay?
Can’t we have this ONE thing work out well beyond our wildest imaginings?

We know we can’t have those things. There are no hard and fast promises that it will work out. And so we sit, frustrated, in the season of the in between.

There are infinite possibilities.

You can’t know how it will go.

My hope is for you to find answers amid the questions,
patience among the possibilities,
and vast, unknowable peace in the not knowing.
(Even as it drives you up a wall.)

P.S.  You don’t want to be failure-proof Promise.