My fondest wishes for you. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

My fondest wishes for you.

May you see glimpses of why you’re in the world.
May you follow those glimpses courageously
through doubt and fear
and dry spells
and vulnerability
and the sometimes overwhelming urge to give it all up
and work that safe job you daydream about.

May you bring those glimpses of purpose to light
with the work
only you can do — the tough stuff, the vital stuff,
the awkward stuff, the miraculous stuff you were born
to bring to this planet
in your distinctive way.

May you know your work matters
even when you’re busy avoiding it like the plague,
and on those days when you have to wrestle it to the ground
like a bear on a bender just to begin, and during those stretches when you’re sure
you aren’t making a damn bit of difference
to anyone.

May you encounter peace when you’ve been wrung dry,
variety when you’re bored to tears,
and friends when you just need a beer.

May you know you matter, deep within you,
and may you help your fellow journeymen know they matter as well.

Truly: may you freaking

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