Do you find it hard to be a human? - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Do you find it hard to be a human?

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There are endless bids for your time and attention and you have to sleep and hydrate and eat while fighting The Siren Song Of Screens in order to get anything at all done on any given day.  Add pandemic to the mix and HOLY SHIT FUCK WOW WOW WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING.

Just being alive is a tricky thing, and it’s easy to cut yourself off from your own depths to survive. You go around telling others (and yourself!) you’re fine, where ‘fine’ equals struggling, lonely, stressed, tired, and hopeless.

My work advocates for the aliveness and fulfillment you’ll only reach by rummaging around in the depths of your being and then being honest about what you find.

I’m here to help your life come into alignment with your deepest desires — especially if you’re a bookworm, introvert, empath, or sensitive soul.

I offer practical-yet-soulful business direction in my books, help clear emotional residue and blocks through breathwork, and make space to usher in whole-life transformation through coaching.  (And action.  Lots and lots of action.)

My work is based more in asking the right questions than in having all the answers, and is more about helping you listen to yourself than providing any formulas, blueprints, or module-laden trips through group coaching hell.

As more and more of our human interactions happen with peeps on the internet (#pandemiclife), we lose silence, stillness, and space to simply be, which means we often lose meaning.

I’ll help you move further into your own interiors and actively make meaning from what you discover.

This work isn’t for the faint of heart.  BUT!  When we actively engage with business as a spiritual practice and acknowledge that for creative humans, selling our work is just as much about unearthing our inner magic and overcoming our asshole brain as making bank, we’re creating a saner, kinder world for all entrepreneurs.

And we’re populating it with ever more gorgeous and profound works along the way.

This is where I should force invite you to JOIN MY LIST or refer to my ‘thought leader’ credentials (HA!) or impress you with signs of wealth or prestige (#blessed), but instead I urge you to explore a bit more of my work and see if it resonates all the way to your bones.  Anything less does both of us a disservice, and you don’t need one more person junking up your life inbox for any reason.  (This is a great place to start exploring.)

With all my love

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P.P.S.  Since our work together engages with the internal, hidden worlds within you, we’re at least 10% talking about spirituality most of the time, where spirituality = our innards, our big questions, our intuition, our gut feelings, our inclinations, our loves, our desires, and our struggles. Those big, every-human struggles to make meaning bump into us whether we like it or not, and whether we’re into organized religion or not. (I’m…not, and this is where I come out of the spiritual closet.  So long as we’re at it: OWN YOUR WOO.)