Rob Bell is in the house! - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Rob Bell is in the house!

Come along with me for a gorgeous conversation about all things grief and joy and life and death and a new novel, Where’d You Park Your Spaceship, with the one and only Rob Bell.

We talk about books and writing (what’s it like to hold a world in your head?), the process of starting over and over and over (how do you JUST KEEP GOING, ROB BELL?), and why Rob’s being bad at ‘parking it’ is a gift to you and me and him and all of us.

I’ve been a fan-but-not-a-stan of Rob’s for 9 years now, and this conversation was pure joy from beginning to end.  The delight in my voice is PALPABLE throughout.

Grab the 1st 100 pages of Where’d You Park Your Spaceship here.  (SPOILER ALERT IF YOU DOWNLOAD THESE PAGES YOU’LL END UP BUYING THE BOOK.)

P.S. ‘Brave’ is just another word for vulnerable.