This is The Antidote. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

This is The Antidote.

There’s this overwhelming pressure women put on themselves to do MORE with LESS.

We’re striving for more engagement, more hustle, more productivity, and more impact..

…with less time, less energy, less enthusiasm, less sleep, and less support than ever before.

When 💩 hits the fan, we push ourselves HARDER to keep going.

The impulse is correct: when things are dire, we have to keep going.

And the impulse is also programmed: when things are dire, women are trained to skip fueling up because WE NEED TO KEEP GOING. IT’S MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER, DON’T YOU SEE??? HOW COULD WE WORRY ABOUT RESTING AT A TIME LIKE THIS!????

We collectively pretend we’re doing GREAT with 4 hours of sleep, 3 deep breaths, and an endless supply of lattes.

In reality, we’re STARVING.

We’re starving for rest and calm.
We’re starving for a sense of connection to our fellow humans.
We’re starving for trust and safety.
We’re starving for ways to heal from all the things the pandemic broke in our societies and in our beings.

I want to help stop the starving.

That’s why I’ve gathered my nerdiest embodiment friends, Sara Arey and Emily Jaworski-Koriath, to co-create The Antidote.

The Antidote is a series of monthly gatherings that will help you refuel at the deepest levels so that you can face the rest of 2024 with resilience and grace.

Sara, Emily, and myself do NOT want you to stumble through 2024 depleted af.

We want you to create the habit of fueling yourself at the deepest levels so that you can take more effective action in every part of your life. (And if the thought of taking action feels SO EXHAUSTING…grab your seat in The Antidote now.)

👉🏻 The Antidote details live here.

Start by listening to the latest episode of That’s What She Said, This is The Antidote, and see if what we’re creating resonates with you. 👇🏻

Promo code TRUST takes $33 off the price until our first gathering on March 12th.

P.S. If you’re a woman who’s…

⚡️ overworked
⚡️ exhausted
⚡️ doomscrolling
⚡️ lonely
⚡️ out of the habit of refueling/resting
⚡️ generally freaking out
⚡️ afraid of the news

…please check out The Antidote.