Reporting From Toothpaste (And by toothpaste I mean burnout) - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Reporting From Toothpaste (And by toothpaste I mean burnout)

For a number of months there I felt like toothpaste.

You know how, when you have toothpaste and it’s in a tube, you come to the end…

…and then you roll it all the way down until eventually there’s just nothing left.

You don’t have new toothpaste so you’re just desperately pressing on the tube, like. “COME ON, GIMME SOMETHINGGGGG!!!”

But there’s nothing. No matter how hard you squeeze.

That was my life for a number of months last year.  We could call it burnout, but that sounds so clean and easily spotted.  This was trickier.

As much as I was like, “Just squeeze it harder!!!!!,” my method didn’t work.

If you’re doing capitalism in any sort of ongoing way, you’ll have your toothpaste moments when there’s just…nothing left.

This episode of the That’s What She Said podcast is for your toothpaste moments.

How do you navigate from NOTHING to something?
How do you begin to fill your tank if it’s been on E for days or weeks or months or years or decades?
What’s so bad about being the human equivalent of an empty tube of toothpaste?

We’ll get really existential and really practical together in this episode of That’s What She Said.

P.S. Did you see that Rob Bell was in the house recently? Go listen!