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This might take a while. (The podcast I’m most proud of!)

Have you ever made a thing you’re really proud of?

Like, you can tell it’s good even though you’re your own worst critic and of course there are things that could be improved but DAMN, you did a good job?

That would be this episode of the That’s What She Said podcast.

Finally — at episode 190 — I’m pulling out the YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS card.

This episode took weeks of percolating and hours of discussion (with actual other humans!) before it ever got written down, edited, or recorded.

Let’s talk about craft, the rise of the instant, and the death of meaning.

Let’s talk about how to avoid buying the ‘perfect’ solution that always, always falls flat.

Let’s talk about why pro athletes get so much attention and praise, that time I absolutely fell flat at a speaking gig and never recovered, the jaguar that lives in your chest, and how to be truly happy in an economy that sells your own unhappiness back to you again and again.  And again.

Let’s talk about all the ways you’ve tried to paper over or speed up life’s hard parts, when the goodness is often stuck somewhere in the mess like a Double Dare flag buried in whipped cream and slime.

If you only listen to one of my podcasts, make it this one.

If you dig it, leave a review and a tip, then let me know what you think!  Send your comments to and we’ll talk about all of it.

With so much love —


P.S. I hate having a coach.

I hate having a coach.

Have you ever taken a break from something, and when you returned you were like, THIS IS THE WORST THING EVER BUT ALSO IT’S SO GOOD FOR ME AND I LOVE IT…?

For me, that’s the experience of having a coach.

It’s been seven years since I paid a mentor of any kind to help in my business — and I’d forgotten how vulnerable and messy and tricky and awful and wonderful and lovely and helpful it can be to have someone in your corner.  (For more conclusions about throwing down mad cash for a business mentor: the trouble with bullet points and no more business frappuccinos.)

In this episode of the That’s What She Said podcast, we talk through the four phases of any coaching practice, why they each suck (which is also what makes them awesome), and how to go about hiring a coach of your own.

YES, I share my coach’s name if you’d like to hire them, and YES, I’m a fan of pretty much everyone having a perfect-for-them coach to help ’em along.

This applies just as much to Crossfit and health and learning as it does to business and growth and sports and knitting.  Especially knitting, because have you watched those impossible YouTube tutorials?  We humans get better with coaches.

Also this episode is *wildly* vulnerable, so if you’d like to reach out and say hey, please do so!  You can also leave a tip or a review.  (We’re at 32 5-star reviews and counting!)

P.S. A reminder!  I’m a soulful business coach who’s also practical AF. If you’d like to work with me, we’ll move through mess, ideas, ways of being, and accountability together in the year-long KK on Tap program. There’s 1 spot open at the moment, so email me if you’re interested:!  I’d love to talk with you about whether we’re a good fit — and if I know someone better suited to your needs, I’ll happily send you along to them.  😉

How to find your voice when it’s gone missing.

In this episode of the That’s What She Said podcast, we dive into finding your voice when it’s been a loooong time since you’ve heard from it. If you feel like the advice from the Voice podcast series has been missing something, or you were screaming at your screen while listening because HOLY SHIT KRISTEN IT ISN’T THAT EASY, this is Step Zero.

Step Zero is the often-missed first, most important step in learning anything new.

If, for example, you want to learn to ride a skateboard, Step Zero is obtaining a skateboard. All the padding and gear and instruction in the world won’t help if you haven’t got a board with four wheels attached to practice with, right?

If you’ve been trying to listen to what’s going on within you and coming up with nothing but silence, you might fall into despair, deem yourself broken, freak out, and give up on the entire enterprise.  (But really, you just need Step Zero.)

We’ll talk about the framework for finding your voice that involves a ton of questions, a bit of laughter, and words of hope for you — even if your interiors haven’t said a single word for lots of years.

Should you decide that YUP, you’d like to go searching for your voice, and you’d like my help in doing so, registration for the Voice Workshop ends on April 1st!  We’ll craft your wilder, kinder, braver, and clearer voice together using a mixture of interactions, lectures, and experiences just outside Philadelphia, PA.  DetailsGrab a ticket

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