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Being brave with Nick McArthur.

Nick McArthur headshot

I first met Nick McArthur in 2012 as Nicki, mother of (then) 2 — now 5 — and I’ve watched with absolute admiration as Nicki transitioned to Nick over the course of the past year, with all the complication and bravery that entails.  We dive deeply into that gender transition in this hour-ish long podcast interview.

We also discuss whether male privilege is real, what it’s like to transition on the gender spectrum as part of a couple, the most surprising parts of leaving being a female behind, the sales messages he wishes males and females would learn to communicate more clearly, and what it’s like to have serious leg hair after spending about the first few decades of your life as a woman.

We talk highs, lows, and serious sales advice for your listening pleasure.  The audio is a biiiiit hard to make out at times — I guess the moose were rowdier than usual near the Canadian cell towers? — but I promise the conversation is worth it.

My deepest thanks to Nick for living the biggest and boldest truths of life, even when they require hormone shots and awkward conversations and endless fumbling with pronouns and butting up against other people’s fear and hate and big feels again and again and again in the name of simply being YOU.  I love you, friend.

Should you fall in love with Nick, he’s speaking at Brave!  HOLY SHIT YES!!!!

You can buy tickets to attend the workshop live here, or nab the recordings for $99 with promo code FARAWAY right here.

Nick’s official bio: That’s me, I’m a dude, with a wife, five kids, and an online business. I also happen to have a history of being a chick. I share my life on the internet in an attempt to tell you all my secret views of the world as someone who has lived fully on both sides of the gender coin.

IG, writing, hire him.

Aspiring beam of light: an interview with Natalie Moser.

You know how sometimes, you see a person going through something really difficult (like cancer) and think, ‘How is she doing that without losing her shit?’

When I saw that Natalie Moser was diagnosed with cancer, I expected to see endless chemo updates and requests for prayers. Instead, I saw a woman who continued to teach yoga and make art and do the right thing, just without hair when the cancer took it.  The whole thing was simultaneously a very big deal and NBD.


Since the new administration has taken office, Natalie has only gotten more passionate, more intense, and more inwardly gorgeous — she’s basically the living embodiment of the ‘Be the Human‘ philosophy — so I took the time to chat with her one-on-one in this interview for the That’s What She Said podcast.

We talk about her biggest gifts of the past few years, the ongoing challenges in moving toward health while living a full life, how she started to take action in her community, and how the arc of her life has prepared her for this very moment.  (Hint: the arc of your life has prepared you for this very moment, too.)

Listening in to Natalie’s wisdom is like taking a long sip from a cold stream on a summer day.  Enjoy!


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Your brain is (still) an asshole.

You’re not the only one who feels as if the world is, in some way, ending, while a new one is being born. You’re not the only one who’s scared, or the only one who’s tired, or the only one who’s walking around in a daze going, ‘DEAR GOD, HOW DID I GET HERE?’ Whether that ‘here’ is in your business or your home life, in the arrangement of your basement clutter or the arrangement of your community’s politics.

You’re not the only one who sees fires burning everywhere and doesn’t know which one to put out first.

It’s important to remember that, since your brain will naturally try to convince you that you’re the only one. The only one who’s scared. The only one who’s having a tough time. The only one who wants to sink into despair. The only one who’s overwhelmed. The only one who’s struggling to find a new normal. The only one who cries as you watch the news or scroll through your Facebook feed.


In today’s episode of That’s What She Said, we dismantle some of the sneakier ways your brain is an asshole.  Instead of calling you stupid or saying you’re a failure, your brain will provide a nearly endless loop of reasons you can’t _______________, then do its best to keep you from meeting other humans who will prove your asshole brain wrong.

Keeping you in the dark, feeling as if you’re all alone, is your asshole brain’s ultimate goal. Let’s prevent it from winning, shall we?

P.S. Another classic asshole brain line: “But what if no one wants it?