Taboo Time - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Taboo Time

When you bring something entirely new to the world, it can be hard to find the words for it.  Further — the FEEL of a live event is difficult to convey via the internets.

The Innermost is as much a devoted space for exploring the taboo as it is an event — which is why Taboo Time was born!

Taboo Time is a brief podcast series featuring conversations about alllll things business taboo.  Rachel Clifton and I talk about the forbidden, the hidden, the invisible, and the ignored in business so you can FEEL what The Innermost will be like in a tangible way.

Softness and revelation? Check.

Deep, meaningful conversation? Check.

The willingness to ‘go there?’ Absolutely.

Listen in as we explore the taboos surrounding women and business 👇🏻

Taboo Time #1: The Lonely.

Between Covid and technological advances, we are far lonelier than we’ve ever been as entrepreneurs.  Worse, most of the time we don’t have safe places to talk about that loneliness — which is why it’s the first topic of Taboo Time. 😉

Taboo Time #2: Showing UP

…in which The Innermost mischief makers Rachel Clifton and myself talk about the fine art of Showing Up, and how very difficult and awkward and terrible that is sometimes. We discuss the standards we set for ourselves around showing up, and how to let more of ourselves be seen on all fronts.

Taboo Time #3: Exploring Softness

…in which the chief mischief makers of The Innermost, Kristen Kalp and Rachel Clifton, talk about all the ways softness can show up, be cultivated, and benefit our lives in myriad ways. (Also why softness is SO FRIGGIN HARD to access in modern day, 2023 culture around the world.)

If you like what you hear, come to The Innermost

The Innermost is a live event this November that will help you identify and then neutralize all the ways conditioning passed down to females makes having a business a.) way harder than it has to be and b.) much less fun.  It’s LIVE because we all know ZOOM AIN’T IT — check it out!

P.S. The Innermost will be way more fun if YOU attend. 😉