Pamela Bates on Making Art and Tooting Your Own Horn. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Pamela Bates on Making Art and Tooting Your Own Horn.

Pamela Bates work

Have you ever had art jump off the page, screen, or wall to talk with you?  That’s what Pamela Bates‘ work did when I first encountered it, and she was gracious enough to agree to my interview for the That’s What She Said podcast.  This graphic designer turned painter is making a career of her art after a long career working behind screens, and she’s so damn inspiring that you’ve just gotta listen in.

Pamela and I talk quite a bit about the important of consistency in creating, marketing and showing your work, and how to get over the lurking self doubt and fear that can mess with even the most talented of humans.  She also discusses her latest collections, including the 100 day project-based Head Over Heart.

“Get over the fear of tooting your own horn. Toot it as loud as you can!”

During our talk, we cover:

‘the ugly stage’ and life metaphors of painting
walking away from 23+ years of graphic design, branding, and advertising to become a painter
how a single painting changed *everything*
the painted rock business that started it all. At age 7.
how to treat art as a business — every day
the benefits of the #100dayproject
patience in marketing i.e. why it took 2 years to sell one of her favorite paintings
using grief as fuel for art & Inertial Guidance, her first solo art show
why ‘trusting the process’ is cliche and also exactly right
how she made up a retail pop-up for the holidays
simple advice for starting your own painting project
how to not be precious about paint and all the other art supplies

To see (and buy!) Pamela Bates’ work, check out her website or Instagram.

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