How to find the next right step. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

How to find the next right step.

When we feel confused, broke, scared, or tired, we so often turn to other people for answers. We seek clarity by asking our friends what they think, asking our partners about our newest ideas, or buying a program, class, book, or service that promises to give us The Answer, once and for all.

Clarity that doesn’t come from within you won’t last.

It might help you get a better SEO ranking for that webpage, or it might help get you a few Instagram followers, but you’ll be back to square one — confused, broke, scared, or tired — in no time if you aren’t connected with the deepest parts of yourself.

Clarity that doesn’t come from hearing your own wisdom is extremely profitable for other people.

If I can just convince you that I have The Answer, then you’ll buy it and I’ll move along to the next person. If, instead, I teach you to find the answers yourself, that’s a.) far more work and b.) eventually, you won’t need me. I can’t pump you full of solutions indefinitely, which is why the marketing industry hooks you with headlines like, ‘You won’t BELIEVE the thing I do every six months to keep my whole life running smoothly. And it’s FREE!”  (That’s the spammy version of this podcast episode!)

Clarity that comes from within yourself is harder to fight, resist, or ignore.

If an industry guru says you have to do X, you may or may not do it. If your heart says you have to do X, you’ll know exactly why you feel miserable when you avoid doing something. (That something can be big, like a career move, or small, like drinking some celery juice and cleaning your room.)

Clarity is not a commodity, but a resource you can tap into at any time.

I’ll show you how…for FREE.  Kidding. I kid.

This episode of the podcast details the practice I use to remain deeply rooted in my own knowing. I can then run any advice or input I receive through the filter of whether or not it aligns with my knowing.

That means I buy fewer programs than ever. I listen to the advice of fewer people than ever. I click on fewer links than ever. I’m far less tempted to read, buy, absorb, listen to, or entertain solutions that don’t 100% line up with what I already know to be true, and what I’m working on at this phase in my life.

This is a CRAZY PERSONAL episode that I hope you enjoy and use. If you dig it, send me a note: — and leave a tip.

The painting you see with this post is my own work, and this one is called, Work and Screens Are Not the Same.  It’s for sale, so shoot me an email if you’d like to own it!

P.S.  If you haven’t yet, it’s time to separate your work from your worth.