Anna Kunnecke will help you take back your life. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Anna Kunnecke will help you take back your life.

Anna Kunnecke

Okay, so.

When asking if you want to listen to a master life coach talking about what your clutter and/or lack of having-it-togetherness could be doing to your life (I CAN *HEAR* YOUR EYES ROLLING FROM HERE), note that this woman is a wordnerd:

“Reading is my most natural way to enter the world.”

…and note that Anna Kunnecke is a kind, wise, and empathetic soul who won’t shame you for your enormous laundry piles, the basement demon that’s threatening to take over the living room with assorted junk, or the desk that’s alleged to be there, somewhere under those 57,000 papers.

In this episode of That’s What She Said, we talk about:

+ Why The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is absolutely impossible for most people (related: Konmari for business)
+ The seeeeeecret books Anna read like porn in elementary school
+ How she handled a life that felt like juggling water balloons and knives (and DAMN isn’t that a great visual?)
+ What happened when she went from 1 to 5 kids in a single year
+ How terror and clutter are related
+ The 80/20 Principle and why it will help keep your freaking house clean
+ The under-three-minute shift to change the way you feel about living in a chaotic home
+ The not-screaming-at-your-kids-constantly hack that will save your vocal cords and keep your kids tidying up on the regular
+ Why tackling hard things in isolation (money, paper, scheduling, to-do’s, deadlines) is pretty much doomed to fail
+ The interior clutter we carry around without knowing it
+ Why asshole brain really, really wants you to stay overwhelmed

It’s possible to radically shift the way you relate to your own self and to your environment.

Anna mentions her magically delicious program, The Queen Sweep, which is about cleaning up, organizing, and throwing a bunch of stuff away, but really it’s about clearing enough space — physically and emotionally — to hear yourself think. And to act accordingly.

Take part in Anna’s free Get Your Life Back challenge to feel more clear, more sane, and a little bit more on top of your world.

No really, go get your life back.

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