Love Letter for Amy // 3 poems about grief - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Love Letter for Amy // 3 poems about grief

Good Girl Grief

Experts have told you all about the stages of grief.

You thought you were prepared for the rage,
and still you are surprised
to wake with fire streaming from your skin:
all this anger with nowhere to go.

Tamp down the flames.
Hide the smoldering.

You may not shout at anyone
this isn’t a school board meeting
about banned books.

You may not shout into the ether, either.
Pretending to be fine is our ultimate pastime.

Don’t seethe, it puts people off.

Don’t just stand there,
it reminds people of what you’ve lost.

Pretend you do not want to scream.

Better yet: pretend you do not want.


Listen in to this episode of That’s What She Said as I share 3 poems about the grief of losing my mom.  This one is for Amy, whose final request as a coaching client was to, quite simply, keep talking.  

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