How to not hate being human and thrive as an empath - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

How to not hate being human and thrive as an empath

“I’ve never let myself trust love because I’ve never let myself trust pain. What if pain — like love — is just a place brave people visit? What if both require presence, staying on your mat, and being still? If this is true, then maybe instead of resisting the pain, I need to resist the easy buttons. Maybe my reliance on numbing is keeping me from the two things I was born for: learning and loving. I could go on hitting easy buttons until I die and feel no pain, but the cost of that decision would be that I’ll never learn, love, or be truly alive.” — Glennon Doyle, Love Warrior

In this episode of the podcast, we dive into the pain of being human, emotional walls, feeling like a victim of others’ feels as an empath, and otherwise plunging into our own interiors while coping with being alive.

I’ll share the ways that I’ve avoided feeling, felt entirely too much and been a victim of others’ emotions, and slowly found my way to a bright, steady and open heart. And how do I KEEP a bright and steady heart? Listen in, friend. 😉

Also I’ll talk about my love affair with movement. HA JUST KIDDING I STILL HATE SWEATING, workouts still make me mean and tired.

P.S.  Here’s where you can pick up the free breathwork session I mention in the episode.