Kristin Saylor is unboxable. - ⚡️Kristen Kalp

Kristin Saylor is unboxable.

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If you’re anything like me, you’re fairly good at meeting strangers and dumping them into boxes based on first impressions. Okay, that guy’s really into cars, that lady pours all her energy into her kids, that couple values prestige above all else, that dude is barely hanging on after coming out of rehab.

You think you can compress a person into a sentence and a few characteristics even if you just met. (It’s not true, of course, but most people are easily boxed into a category within seconds.)

…and then you meet Kristin Saylor.

She’s a priest — yes, a female priest — as well as a breathworker and an triathlete.

That means she’s got her hands in organized religion, secular meditation practice, and the world of the body, in which she runs and swims and bikes, on a daily basis.

Kristin Saylor is unboxable.

And you need to meet her.

In our totally-selfish-because-I-just-wanted-answers-so-I-recorded-it conversation, we talk about:

+ the play date that eventually led to the priesthood
+ the misconceptions about the body that organized religion gets wrong
+ how breathwork shaped Kristin’s connection to the divine
+ what it means to be an embodied human, not just a walking brain
+ reclaiming our bodies from the church and the patriarchy
+ the first steps into activism that any of us can take
+ what it’s like to give sermons on a weekly basis (to undocumented immigrants while the President talks about deportation and shithole countries)
+ the ways profound knowing shows up in the body — and only in the body
+ and the general trauma of the seventh grade locker room. (A universal, if ever there was one.)

You can listen in on our conversation here ??.

Please visit Kristin’s sermon and breathwork blog here, then follow her on Instagram to love the shit out of her. Isn’t she magnificent?

P.S. Here’s where I came out of the spiritual closet.  You can get yourself a breathwork session with me here, or download a free breathwork session with me.